Get your multiple license pack for Red Hat Linux and other applications!

Research Triangle Park

United States, February 18, 1998

Multiple license packs give resellers a lower cost of shipping, good margins, more retail space, and are easier to sell than the same sales amount of individual license product.

"Our resellers have been asking for ways to sell more licenses. Now they can serve larger customers without incurring the unnecessary costs of shipping extra media and inventory management," said Lisa Sullivan, the Director of Marketing and Sales at Red Hat, Inc.

Likewise, end-users benefit from multiple license packs. Lower shipping costs, easier registration and application for technical support of products, and discounts on the multiple licenses (from 10-20%) are just some of the ways end-users benefit from multi-packs.

End users can purchase multiple license packs directly from Red Hat, Inc. or from our resellers. Resellers can purchase multi-license packs directly from Red Hat, Inc. or from distributor Frank Kasper and Associates at 1-800-869-7667.

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