Red Hat Linux 5.0 Wins Productivity Award from Software Development

Research Triangle Park

United States, February 16, 1998

Announced during the 1998 Software Development trade show that ran from February 10-12 in San Francisco, Software Development Magazine's Jolt Awards are designed to recognize computer innovations that "jolt" the computer world. Indeed, Linux is making waves. Not only was Red Hat Linux 5.0 named the InfoWorld's Network OS Product of the Year, but InfoWorld also gave a Technical Support Award to the Linux community for their timely, accurate, and devoted support of the Linux OS.

Coming on the heels of Netscape's announcement to join the world of cooperatively-developed software, to which Red Hat, Inc. is committed, these industry accolades bring focused attention, legitimacy, and commercial success, as well as deserved praise, to both the users and developers of the Linux Operating System.

Proving what Linux users have known all along, these recent awards attest to the power, stability, and unlimited freedom that cooperative development gives Linux. And as the movement to give control back to the user grows, Red Hat Linux 5.0 continues to convince users and industry analysts of the unlimited potential of Linux.

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