Kudos to Digital Domain for your titanic work on Titanic!

Research Triangle Park

United States, March 24, 1998

It's no shocker that Oscar smiled on Titanic on March 23. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Song....well, we could go on, just as the list (along with our hearts) goes on. But among all the pomp and circumstance and Billy Crystal antics, there is one award that we felt was perhaps the most notable, and this award is that which recognizes the stunning and painstaking recreation of the ill-fated Titanic and its subsequent sinking: The Award for Visual Effects.

So we congratulate the people at Digital Domain, the production company that rendered the visual effects for the film, and we congratulate all the people who worked hard to make Titanic an extraordinary visual spectacle as well as a historically accurate one.

We at Red Hat are glad to be a mere rivet in creating the visuals for Titanic (see http://www.ssc.com/lj/issue46/2494.html ). Thank you Digital Domain for your support of and faith in Red Hat Linux. We've enjoyed our maiden voyage with Titanic, and we look forward to smooth sailing ahead.

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