Red Hat Motif 2.1 now shipping

Research Triangle Park

United States, March 2, 1998

Red Hat Motif 2.1 for Linux Intel-compatible computers is the full OSF/Motif development system. As with previous versions of Red Hat Motif, Red Hat Motif 2.1 will enable you to use your Intel-compatible PC computer running Linux as a UNIX(r) Motif based workstation.

For developers, Motif 2.1 makes creation of software applications and custom widgets simple. The many toolkit enhancements, new widgets, and UIL improvements allow you to port Motif-based applications easily across a variety of platforms.

For end users, Red Hat Motif 2.1 improves the interface performance of their Motif-based applications. The virtual screen support unclutters their workspace by providing alternate locations for chosen windows, while providing greater consistency with PC environments.

Red Hat Motif 2.1 New Features:

  • Thread safe libraries

  • Widget printing support

  • Internationalization enhancements for vertical text, "on-the-spot" input and user defined characters for Asian languages


See Red Hat Motif 2.1 Intel on the Store Page for more information.

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