Be a Part of the Red Hat, Inc. Vendor Distribution Program

Research Triangle Park

United States, March 9, 1998

The tremendous growth of Linux in recent years has led to a significant increase in the number of applications and tools available for Linux. Red Hat, Inc. appreciates the work performed by these independent software vendors (ISVs), and to reward their efforts, as well as to provide another service to the Linux user community, Red Hat proudly announces the Red Hat, Inc. Vendor Distribution Program.

There are several benefits to ISVs, including:

  1. Their products will be distributed with the widely popular Red Hat Linux distribution to hundreds of thousands of Linux users through major software retail outlets around the world.
  2. Their products will receive significant marketing and press exposure associated with their alliance with Red Hat Linux.
  3. They will gain the opportunity to offer support services, upgrade versions, and other sales opportunities to hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

Linux users will benefit by gaining a convenient, easy way to try the latest Linux product offerings. Red Hat benefits by having value-added products included with its Red Hat Linux product.

There are only a few minor obligations for ISVs:

  1. They must provide their products to Red Hat in .rpm format, and they must be built against the current release of Red Hat Linux.
  2. They grant Red Hat the license to copy and redistribute their products.
  3. They offer some sort of technical support services, to be determined by ISV, to end users.

Red Hat, Inc. handles the rest, including all costs of production, marketing and distribution of the products. There has never been an easier, less expensive way for Linux ISVs to reach the large and rapidly growing number of Linux users who are looking for the latest tools and applications.

The software products provided by ISVs may be demo versions, "personal" or "lite" editions of existing products, or full-fledged products. ISVs are free to determine the end user license terms and conditions applicable to their products.

If you are interested in participating in this program, contact Hilary Stokes at

Please note: Although Red Hat, Inc. will try to accommodate as many ISVs as it can, Red Hat cannot guarantee that all submissions it receives will be included as part of the Vendor Disc. Red Hat retains the right in its sole discretion to determine which products to include.

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