Corel Releases Red Hat Linux based NC Machine

Research Triangle Park

United States, May 8, 1998

In order to build the most reliable, feature rich, and best value Network Computer (NC) available anywhere, Corel Computer is taking a leading role in the promotion of open standards, network computing and the cooperative software development model by announcing it will make available the source code to the Linux portion of its NetWinder operating system.

Over the past months, Corel Computer has invested significant engineering effort in porting Red Hat Linux to the StrongARM microprocessor. Corel Computer, under the General Public License, will be returning its development work to the Linux community.

In addition, Corel Computer will gather and port all the applications and tools necessary to create an integrated development environment (IDE) for its NetWinder aimed at developers. Concurrently, Corel Computer will open source the platform specific drivers designed for the NetWinder. All code will be available for peer review and evaluation in the near future.

Corel will be exhibiting at Linux Expo in Durham NC May 28-30th, where they will be announcing further corporate support for the Linux marketplace and the Open Source development model.

For more information on Corel's high-value, low-cost NC machine see:

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