Announcing Extreme Linux

Research Triangle Park

United States, May 13, 1998

Called Extreme Linux, and also known as The Beowulf Project, this collaboration between Red Hat, Inc. NASA Goddard Space FlightCenter, and over two dozen leading research centers will bring the speed and power of multiple computersparallel processing as one computerto students, researchers, and end-users worldwide. Extreme Linux is perhaps the most effective example of how the cooperative software development model that has produced the award-winning Linux OS results in better technology at a revolutionarily low-cost.

Building a computer cluster with the OS and tools that are included in this $29.95 CD-ROM product will provide researchers with radical improvements in the amount of processing power available to them for a given dollar of investment. Having access to complete source code of these tools will allow the students, researchers, and technical end users to understand this technology at a level never before possible, resulting in a more effective, higher performance computing platform.

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