Turn up the Heat for Summer...Red Hat Linux 5.1 is here!

Research Triangle Park

United States, May 22, 1998

Red Hat, Inc. , announced today the June 1 release of Red Hat Linux 5.1, a powerful update that includes enhanced installation features, as well as system configuring, web caching, window management features and an added value CD of applications for Linux.

Emphasizing the strength and rapid progress of the development model, Red Hat Linux 5.1 continues to facilitate installation with several new features. With the internationalization of 5.1, users can choose between many languages during the installation. Back buttons have been fully implemented during installation to allow users to correct mistakes along the way. SMB has been reimplemented to allow installations from Microsoft based servers. DHCP networking, boot floppy creation, enhanced rescue mode, and an improved kickstart also highlight the 5.1 installer.

5.1 supplements its easier installation with the addition of a true Fortran77 compiler as a part of the egcs compiler package. Afterstep has been integrated into Anotherlevel to replace the previous cloned version. For sysadmins, linuxconf has been fully integrated into the Red Hat configuration process to allow for remote administration, text based administration and GUI administration. Also included in the 5.1 boxed set is the added value CD of software applications that work with Linux.

Red Hat Linux 5.1 comes with 3 CDs, including the software application disk, and an Installation Manual. Real Audio and BRU provide an additional value. Red Hat, Inc. has extended the included installation support to 90 days.

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