At Last! Red Hat Linux 5.1 for SPARC®!

Research Triangle Park

United States, July 1, 1998

Release of Red Hat Linux 5.1 for Sparc(r) Rounds Out Multi-Platform OS

Red Hat® Software, Inc. today announced the release of the long-awaited SPARC® version of Red Hat Linux 5.1. This Red Hat Linux 5.1 release is the first version of Linux for SPARC(R) machines that is built against the new glibc libraries. Red Hat Linux 5.0, in which glibc was incorporated, did not include SPARC(R), and the platform was sorely missed.

With 5.1 now available for SPARC(R), users can rejuvenate their older SPARC(R) workstations, as well as power up their newer machines. One of the main features of 5.1 for SPARC(R) is that it allows the user to choose between many languages during the installation. In addition, back buttons have been fully implemented during installation to allow users to correct mistakes along the way. DHCP networking highlights the install. Also included in SPARC(R) 5.1 is LinuxConf, a system administration tool for system configuration.

Bob Young, President of Red Hat, Inc. said, "Red Hat Linux 5.1 is a highly secure, stable, and feature-rich OS. That we can offer the benefit of OS control to users of SPARC(R) machines, as well as to users of Intel and Alpha machines, is indicative of the diversity and technological advances of Linux development. "

Red Hat Linux 5.1 for SPARC(R) comes with 2 CDs and an Installation Manual. BRU back-up utility provides an additional value. Red Hat, Inc. has extended the included installation support to 90 days.

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