Cygnus Solutions Announces Low Cost GNUPro Toolkit Available for Linux

Research Triangle Park

United States, September 8, 1998

Cygnus Solutions, the leader in embedded software development tools, today announced the immediate availability of GNUPro Toolkit, a new product line of fully tested, low-cost development tools releases available for native and embedded software developers. Addressing the needs of the growing Linux community, the first release of Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit for Red Hat Linux is targeted at software engineers developing commercial applications on the Linux operating system (OS). Today's announcement marks the first in a series of GNUPro Toolkit releases planned for additional platforms.

"Cygnus has extended its commitment to the Linux community and users of Red Hat Linux by providing a fully-certified official release of GNU development tools," said Bob Young, president and CEO of Red Hat Software. "Given the increasing popularity of both Red Hat Linux and Cygnus GNUPro, Red Hat is pleased to continue its partnership with Cygnus to provide software developers the highest quality Linux operating system and development tools."

The Power of an Open Standard
Cygnus' GNUPro Toolkit is backed by nine years of Cygnus' expertise in porting and maintaining the GNU technology to more than 125 host/target combinations. In fact, Cygnus drives more than 80 percent of the changes and enhancements to the GNU compiler toolchain and runs thousands of tests to ensure that software developers have tools that work out-of-the-box with high reliability. The result is the Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit, the open standard that provides a robust and stable toolchain backed by rigorous testing; innovation certified by Cygnus' prestigious engineering organization and driven by Sourceware tm) -- Open Source(tm) technologies that Cygnus endorses, delivers, and supports; and ease of use with pre-built binaries on CD, complete documentation, and 30-day installation support.

Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit for Red Hat Linux includes ANSI-conforming C and C/C++ compilers, a macro-assembler, the Cygnus GNUPro visual debugger, binary utilities, and CD, with online and printed documentation, including a Getting Started guide and Quick Reference guide. Cygnus GNUPro is optimized to provide best-of-class development tools for application developers using Linux.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cygnus GNUPro C Compiler - The latest advances in compiler optimization extend the programmer's ability to optimize code for speed and size, resulting in faster execution.
  • Cygnus GNUPro C++ Compiler - The industry-leading C++ compiler provides enhanced exception handling and more extensive template functionality. Cygnus offers the most comprehensive support for C++ and continues to track the standard, leading to greater C++ coding flexibility.
  • Cygnus GNUPro Visual Debugger - A source- and assembly-level debugger, it includes Cygnus' high-performance graphical user interface that enables users to quickly visualize, locate, and debug code.
  • Highly Tested Tool - Includes 47,000 unit tests (30,000 for the standard compiler test suite, 10,000 for the native debugger test suite, and 7,000 for C++ features); regression testing (both reported bugs and those uncovered by Cygnus); conformance testing (tests from Perennial and Plum Hall); and tests for building popular applications.

"Cygnus' first release of a low-cost version of GNUPro tools for Red Hat Linux enables the development of more applications that will run on the increasingly popular Linux platform," said Paul Salazar, director of marketing, Cygnus Solutions.

"Cygnus plans to extend the GNUPro tools and make them even more accessible to software developers by providing additional releases for other platforms."

Pricing and Availability
Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit for Linux is priced at $149 and is immediately available for Red Hat Linux 4.2 and 5.1 on x86 platforms. Upgrades for mission critical support are available in five-user and 25-user configurations with pricing beginning at $7,495. For more information on the power behind Cygnus' mission critical support and the more than 125 host-target cross-development environments supported by the Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit, or to place an order call +1-800-CYGNUS1 (outside the U.S. call +1-408-542-9600) or visit the Web site at

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