Expanded Reseller Program Offers Linux Users Increased Distribution and Support

Research Triangle Park

United States, January 25, 1999

Red Hat Accelerates Linux Growth by Creating New Authorized Reseller Program for VARs and System Builders

Red Hat, Inc. , the leading distributor of the Red Hat Linux operating system, today announced an extensive new Software and Support Program for value-added resellers and system builders. Through this new program, Red Hat will build an array of relationships with leading VARs and system builders, greatly expanding the distribution and support available to users of the Linux operating system, tools and applications.

Products available under the program for resale through VARs and system builders include the Official Red Hat Linux System Builder Edition (OEM) and The Official Red Hat Linux Comercial Server Edition (both OEM and stand-alone).

"These new products and channel programs answer enterprise customers' requests for support through channels that they know," said Bob Young, Chairman and CEO of Red Hat. "With the addition of these services, we are giving our authorized resellers the programs, services and products they need to build a thriving business around Red Hat Linux. By expanding our authorized reseller program Red Hat will help bring the many benefits of open source software to a rapidly growing user community."

The System Builder Edition is designed for resellers pre-installing the Official Red Hat Linux OS on server-class computers for enterprise-level accounts. The Commercial Server Edition-OEM is also pre-installed and provides the customer with 90 days of 24x7 post-installation telephone support, up to 3 incidents. Commercial Server Edition also comes as a stand-alone product, for customers who want technical support but does not need Red Hat Linux pre-installed. For this option, they receive 90 days of 24x7 technical support, up to 3 incidents, on pre- and post-installation issues. All products come with Official Red Hat Linux 5.2 software and documentation. For all of these products, post-installation support can be added or continued with the puchase of Red Hat's "Call Pack" Support Products, which range from per-incident packages to Platinum Support.

"Telephone support options for Linux have long been in demand by users. Now Red Hat is introducing corporate support products that offer 24x7 support for enterprise-wide, mission-critical applications," said Paul McNamara, Vice President of Strategic Relationships for Red Hat. "We will satisfy the demands of our users through these new programs."

All products will be available for Red Hat Authorized Resellers through Red Hat's distribution partners. For more information, contact authorized@redhat.com

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