Computer Associates and Red Hat Announce Far-Reaching Agreement to Accelerate Adoption of Linux in Corporate IT Environments


United States, March 2, 1999

Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) and Red Hat, Inc. today announced an agreement to aggressively accelerate adoption of Red Hat Linux in corporate IT environments.

Under the agreement, CA will develop versions of Unicenter TNG, including the Unicenter TNG Framework, to support Red Hat Linux, bringing a new level of manageability to this increasingly popular platform. CA will produce and distribute without charge 500,000 copies of Unicenter TNG Framework for Red Hat Linux. Similarly, Red Hat will distribute another 500,000 copies of the Unicenter TNG Framework and associated management APIs with its Linux Application CD.

"The combination of Red Hat's focused support and CA's Unicenter TNG enterprise management technology is exactly the vote of confidence needed for IT decision-makers to move ahead with Linux," said Richard L. Ptak, vice president, systems and applications management, Hurwitz Group. "Traditional corporate IT can adopt Linux as a strategic platform, knowing that it has the support of technology leaders."

In addition to distributing one million free copies of the jointly bundled product, under the terms of the agreement:

  • TNG's product family, and Red Hat will advocate the use of Unicenter TNG as a premier management solution for Linux.
  • Both companies will participate in cooperative marketing activities, including joint advertising, seminars and sales programs.
  • The companies will appoint sales representatives to collaborate and promote the use of Red Hat Linux and Unicenter TNG within enterprise accounts. Also, the companies will cooperate on mutual customer referrals, joint promotion of Red Hat's Commercial Server Edition of Linux and inclusion of the Unicenter TNG Framework and management APIs on Red Hat's Linux Applications CD.
  • CA will promote Red Hat's support benefits for enterprise customers.
  • The companies will assign technical resources from both companies to collaborate on solution offerings.
  • Both companies will enable customers to request the bundled offering through their respective Web sites.

"CA's global market reach and extensive relationships with top-tier corporate customers makes them a valuable ally in our efforts to promote the benefits of Linux," said Robert Young, chairman and CEO of Red Hat Software. "The free availability of the Unicenter TNG Framework for our Linux server offers a particularly compelling value for enterprise customers who place a premium on manageability and reliability."

Young noted that CA's distribution of half a million CDs with Red Hat Linux represents the single largest promotional campaign in the company's history. "It's not only the quantity of copies, it's the quality of who will be receiving them," he said. "We expect to see a major influx of new Linux customers from this effort."

In addition, CA and Red Hat are working together to meet the technical requirements of enterprise Linux users by providing automatic discovery of Linux resources, integrated management of Linux-based assets, and integrated processing and correlation of Linux systems events. The companies will also work together to help allow Linux-related management frameworks and associated APIs to remain open and extensible to third-party vendors.

"CA clients in all market segments are showing a strong interest in Linux, but require management capabilities and support services to successfully implement this increasingly popular operating system into their enterprise environments," said Marc Sokol, CA senior vice president and general manager, global marketing. "Our partnership with Red Hat will help our clients pursue the benefits of an open source code platform within the context of mission-critical distributed computing. The combination of Unicenter TNG and Red Hat Linux software and support comprise an extremely compelling solution for our clients."

CA and Red Hat announced their strategic partnership at LinuxWorld in San Jose, Calif., an event for Linux-related products and services. The announcement follows CA's launch of Ingres II for Linux, which features an innovative open beta program. CA plans to make additional announcements concerning the Linux marketplace in the near future.

About Unicenter TNG Framework
The Unicenter TNG Framework is the only framework to provide "out-of-the-box" support for a broad range of hardware platforms and sophisticated framework technologies, such as object repository, auto discovery and 2D and 3D GUI. The Unicenter TNG Framework supports the full portfolio of desktop management standards, including DMTF/DMI 2.0 and IETF/SNMP. The software is the underlying foundation for Unicenter TNG, the only fully-integrated management solution covering network discovery, topology, performance, events and status, security, software distribution, storage, workload, help desk, change management and other functions for the heterogeneous enterprise.

About Computer Associates
Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), the world leader in mission-critical business computing, provides software, support and integration services in more than 100 countries around the world. CA has more than 13,000 employees and had revenue of $5.1 billion in calendar year 1998.

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