Look Out Taiwan, Here Comes Bob Young


United States, June 12, 2000

Red Hat Chairman Bob Young to Follow Bill Gates' Speech with Address on Open Source and Transparent Technologies at the 2000 World Congress On Information Technology in Taipei

Bob Young, Chairman of Red Hat, Inc. will address the 2000 World Congress on Information Technology in Taipei, Taiwan on June 13, 2000. Bob Young joins Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft; Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett Packard; and John T. Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems in addressing the World Congress.

A premier IT conference, the World Congress on Information Technology will round up 1,200 IT leaders from over fifty countries for discussions on critical technological issues affecting the global IT industry. Three major themes will steer the forum discussions: Impact of Information Technology on World Economics; Emerging IT Strategies; and Business Models, Applications, and IT For A Better World/Asia Pacific Forum.

Young will participate in the Emerging IT Strategies and the Business Models and Applications Forums. He will discuss how open source software and development, what Young refers to as "transparent technologies," is changing the computing industry. These transparent technologies form the basis for the success of Red Hat, the leader in open source internet infrastructure solutions.

Said Young, "I am thrilled that Red Hat can express the importance of open source software in the IT industry to a global audience. We truly believe that open source brings benefits to our customers that a proprietary operating system cannot offer."

The 2000 World Congress On Information Technology surely garners global appeal as many of the industry's most well-known executives will be in attendance.

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