United States, August 29, 2000

Red Hat's e-Learning Programming Courses are Now Available at Newly Updated Training Site

Red Hat, Inc, the leader in open source internet infrastructure solutions, today announces the world-wide roll-out of the first suite of Red Hat's e-learning courses. The courses, focusing on key programming and scripting languages for web and internet applications, are the first phase of Red Hat's partnership with DigitalThink, the leader in e-learning for IT professionals. Red Hat is partnering with DigitalThink to build world class e-learning for Linux, open source programming, tools, and applications.

The e-Learning courses now available on Red Hat's e-Learning Programme include C, C++
Programming, Java Programming, Object Programming, and Perl Programming. These new courses build prerequisite skills for Red Hat's Developer courses, as well as for e-commerce and advanced web server administration.

In the second phase, a complete e-learning course library will be launched in fall 2000 for the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) programme, the most mature and respected training and certification programme in the Linux space.

Red Hat's RHCE programme offers performance-based certification to test actual competency in managing Linux servers for enterprise roles. The complete RHCE e-learning curriculum will provide the same objectives and coverage as the hands-on instructor-led classroom track, as well as other prerequisites in internet and open source technologies. These co-ordinated classroom and e-learning courses will provide unparalleled options for those wishing to prepare for RHCE.

"We are thrilled to launch Red Hat e-learning with these high quality offerings on programming and scripting," said Peter Childers, Vice President of Red Hat Global Learning Services. "We look forward to the launch of the complete RHCE elearning curriculum at, to provide the ultimate in co-ordinated and flexible learning options that are customers are asking for, world-wide."

All Red Hat e-learning courses offer a self-paced, results-oriented, interactive learning
experience delivered 100% via the Internet. Red Hat e-learning courses include realistic command-line simulations, on-line tutors who grade exercises and answer questions via e-mail, and student interaction with classmates through e-mails, discussions, and chat rooms.

To access the Red Hat Learning Services - Europe, go to

Open Source Momentum

International Data Corp. (IDC) research states that paid Linux shipments grew faster than any other server operating system over the past two years, and their preliminary figures for 1999 show Linux shipments hold 24.6 percent of the server operating system market, up from 15.8 in 1998. IDC also states that Red Hat holds 50.2 per cent of Linux vendor market share and that Red Hat Linux is by far the most popular distribution, preferred by 68.7 percent of U.S. Linux users.

Research firm Netcraft, Inc. (, states that as of May 2000, 30 per cent of all public Web sites run on Linux-based operating systems, making Linux the most popular choice for deploying public Web sites. IDC research shows 40 per cent of all spending on Linux servers is for Internet related applications, firmly entrenching Linux servers in the Internet infrastructure.

Finally, IDC predicts that by 2002, there will be more than 55 million handheld and notebook-style information appliance devices and that by 2005, shipments of these appliances will exceed shipments of PCs.

Red Hat's numerous alliances with industry leaders and the demand for Linux-based applications has created open source support from many of the industry's leading software and hardware manufacturers, including Dell, Compaq, Computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Netscape, Novell, Oracle and SAP.

About Red Hat

Founded in 1994, Red Hat is a leader in the development of Linux-based operating system software (OS) and services. Based in Durham, N.C., Red Hat builds the most accessible and advanced server OS available anywhere with technical innovations such as RPM and the disk druid installation tool. Red Hat Linux is available for Intel, Compaq Alpha and Sun SPARC platforms. Red Hat Linux available directly from the company and through Red Hat's partner, distributor and reseller programs, which include top PC and server manufacturers like Dell, IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

Red Hat Europe was established in July 1999 with its European headquarters based in Surrey, United Kingdom and offices throughout Europe. Red Hat Linux is sold and supported through a number of major distribution and industry partners throughout Europe and from

Red Hat Linux was named InfoWorld's Product of the Year for four years in a row, was given a productivity accolade in Software Development's Jolt Awards, was named an environment/desktop finalist in the Ziff-Davis European Excellence Awards, won the editor's choice awards from the Linux Journal and Australian Personal Computing magazines, and won the `Just Plain Cool' award from Australian Personal Computing magazine.

At March's LinuxWorld Expo, more than 8,000 members of the Linux community voted Red Hat a `LinuxWorld Favourite'. Red Hat Linux recently won a Product Excellence award from Software Development Magazine.

LINUX is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. RED HAT is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. All other names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.