Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite Now Available


United States, October 29, 2001

Packaged Solution Simplifies Embedded Development Process to Create A More Complete Product

Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq:RHAT) today announced that the Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite is now available. The Developer Suite is a packaged solution for creating embedded applications and devices. It accelerates development cycles and improves product quality by using Red Hat Linux 7.2 as the common base for the host and target platforms.

The Developer Suite is just one in a line of products and services based on Red Hat Linux 7.2, which provides a unified code base to cover the full spectrum of computing platforms, from small, embedded devices up to the largest mainframe computers.

"Without a unified code base, embedded developers would have to duplicate all the driver support that comes for free with Red Hat Linux," said Michael Tiemann, CTO of Red Hat. "Embedded systems which were designed to get around the high cost of proprietary peripherals and interfaces can now save cost by using commodity PC components, benefitting from the immense driver support offered by Red Hat Linux. Internet appliances, once limited to PC form factors, can now be implemented with a variety of price, performance, power, weight, and size factors, truly expanding the capabilities of the Internet. "

Key features of the Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite include:

  • New version of Red Hat Embedded Linux based on the industry-standard Linux 2.4 kernel
  • New gcc3 based versions of the GNUPro cross development tools for all architectures
  • New Configuration Tool for fine grain GUI configuration of the targeted environment
  • New Integrated system build environment for faster and more flexible target image creation
  • RedBoot Embedded Bootloader/BIOS for a standardised debugging and bootstrap solution
  • glibc 2.2 libraries for all architectures
  • Latest versions of Red Hat Linux RPM packages optimised for cross development
  • Red Hat Network managed services for host systems and access to the new Embedded Channel for managing target development software
  • Several support service packages to choose from based on the developer needs for greater flexibility

Red Hat offers a range of services to help customers in any stage of the development cycle: embedded systems training, extensive support, board support package and device driver solutions, and system management services - available through Red Hat Network. All services enhance developer productivity by ensuring that the developer has access to engineering expertise as well as the latest technology for their systems. In addition, Red Hat offers porting services to assist customers in porting their applications to Embedded Linux.

To provide detailed information about moving to Embedded Linux, Red Hat is hosting an Embedded Project Center at that includes white papers, FAQs and case studies that simplify the move.

Pricing and Availability.

Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite is available through several offerings priced by the developer seat. Starting prices of ELDS are available at $2,500 with installation support, moving to Standard support for up to 5 seats and 5 incidents, and a full Subscription is available for a minimum of 10 seats with unlimited support incidents. Each offering includes Red Hat Linux 7.2 and access to updates via the new Red Hat Network Embedded Channel. Additional services are included in each offering. For more details, contact Red Hat Sales or visit for details on each offering level.

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