AEP Integrates SSL Accelerator[tm] Support Into Red Hat Linux 7.2

Dublin, Ireland And California

United States, November 12, 2001
Irish data security products company Accelerated Encryption Processing Inc. (AEP) today announced integrated support for Red Hat Linux, the leading operating system for future internet development. With the launch of Red Hat Linux version 7.2, configurable support is provided for all AEP products.

"Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the Internet infrastructure, and we are delighted to work with Red Hat to provide customers world-wide with the open and flexible integration capabilities offered by the Linux OS," commented Chris Fairclough, Chief Executive Officer of AEP on the announcement.

AEP is an Irish multinational company providing a range of hardware cryptographic accelerators for the SSL/SET, PKI, VPN and Mobile markets globally. AEP develops proprietary integrated circuits that deliver industry leading processing speeds of over 2000 (1024-bit) SSL transactions per second. The AEP1K[tm] ASIC chip, which is dedicated to cryptographic processing, is central to this achievement.

"Red Hat Linux, which has helped set new world records in specweb99, is an ideal platform for Enterprise web services," said Michael Tieman, Red Hat's CTO. "By using hardware cryptographic acceleration, secure web transactions can be scaled to new levels."

"We believe that the future success of e-Business depends on an ability to provide comprehensive e-Security while eliminating bottlenecks by offloading the cryptography to dedicated hardware," stated Fairclough. "AEP has directly addressed this core requirement of Web IT infrastructure by providing industry leading cryptographic processing designed to handle both current and future requirements. Cryptographic accelerators such as the AEP SSL Accelerator[tm] are currently integrated into Web servers, WAP servers and VPN solutions."


Operating in the world's fastest growing high-tech sector, Accelerated Encryption Processing is a multinational company specialising in e-Security. Providing high performance cryptographic sub-systems, our family of products delivers industry leading speeds for the SSL/SET, PKI, VPN and mobile markets globally. AEP develops, manufactures and markets the fastest range of hardware cryptographic accelerators available.

AEP's core solution, the AEP SSL Accelerator[tm], enables faster processing of secure transactions and is designed to handle both current and future requirements. This solution fully off-loads all compute-intensive cryptographic functions from a server thus eliminating bottlenecks and maximizing potential e-business capacity.

The AEP SSL Accelerator[tm] is an essential element of any e-commerce enabled web server.

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