United States, June 25, 2001

Market Leader to Target Underserved Mid-Market with More Cost Effective Database for Workgroups, Departments, and E-Business Applications

Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq:RHAT), the leader in developing, deploying and managing open source solutions, today announced Red Hat Database. The Red Hat Database product is an open source database solution, based on PostgreSQL 7.1, and optimised with Red Hat Linux 7.1, for mid-sized organisations and corporate workgroups and departments.

Red Hat Database is designed to meet the growing customer demand for reliable and more cost effective databases for e-business applications. It bridges a gap in the Linux database market between large enterprise databases that require specialized IT skills and resources and smaller, less capable databases that are affordable, but not sophisticated enough for complex Web and e-business applications.

"With Red Hat's entry into the database market, we continue to expand the opportunity for customers to build more flexible and maintainable systems based on the benefits of open source technology," said Colin Tenwick, VP and General Manager of Red Hat EMEA. "In many cases, customers simply do not need the power, features or expense of a large, complex enterprise database. But to be successful they do require sufficient functionality, reliability, scalability and a well-supported solution."

"We are very excited that Red Hat is offering a single solution for both operating system and database support. We are confident that with Red Hat's technical leadership and product quality, we can be more successful in our current markets and reaching new markets created by open source innovations," said Mark Lucas, Chief Technical Officer of ImageLinks, a company that processes large satellite and aerial images for businesses.

"Many organisations are seeking solutions, not toolkits," said Dan Kusnetzky, IDC's Vice President of System Software Research. "Red Hat, by packaging Linux as a database server, would certainly make open source software more attractive to organisations needing solutions."

Red Hat Database includes:


  • Red Hat Installer, and enhanced documentation for PostgreSQL 7.1 and Red Hat Linux 7.1, enables organizations to quickly and easily install the solution.
  • Robust transaction support for intensive computing environments.
  • Advanced locking capabilities, to ensure integrity of database updates and changes.
  • Industry standard compliance, including core SQL 92 support, ODBC & JDBC APIs for broad application integration and compatibility.
  • Support for object oriented features, such as large objects, structured types and user-defined abstract data types (ADT) for flexibility.
  • Multiple programming language support, including C/C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk, Embedded SQL (in C) for compatibility and flexibility.
  • Online backup for availability and recovery of data.

Pricing and Availability

Red Hat Database is available as an annual subscription beginning at EURO 2,700 /