Red Hat eCOS Powers Comtrol's Next Generation Of Reconfigurable Devices

August 20

United States, August 20, 2001

Red Hat's Open Source RTOS Gives Embedded Developers the Flexibility to Tailor Remote Device Management Devices to Application Specific Tasks

Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq: RHAT), the leader in developing, deploying and managing open source solutions, today announced that it's eCos RTOS is now available for use with Comtrol's next generation programmable network appliances and device servers. The availability of eCos for the DeviceMaster(tm) RTS platform will enable end users to customise the unit's operating environment to suit specific applications. Additionally, developers will be able to use compilers and development tools supplied directly by Red Hat and will have access to Red Hat consultancy and support services.

"The objective of DeviceMaster is to minimise the cost of owning and managing remotely deployed systems and devices," said Lee Stagni, president and COO, Comtrol. "It solves an industry-wide need for intelligent device connectivity and remote management. In giving our customers an open source environment option, we empower developers to tailor both application and operating system code to fit various device-specific applications."

The DeviceMaster family of low-cost, solid-state microcomputers provides a powerful platform for performing application-specific tasks. When connected to a local network, or the Internet, the flexibility of the DeviceMaster microcomputer eliminates the need for remotely placed PC servers for achieving locally embedded control, while allowing users to host and run applications for remote devices, as well as enabling automated maintenance and support functions. For more information, visit

"Managing the ever-increasing array of post PC computing appliances in our increasingly connected world is one of the most important challenges embedded developers will face in the coming years," said Michael Tiemann, CTO, Red Hat. "The availability of Red Hat eCos for the DeviceMaster appliance moves the embedded community closer to open, standards-based remote device management."

DeviceMaster Product highlights include:

  • Configurations to network-enable from 1 to 32 serial devices per DeviceMaster unit
  • 10/100Base-T network connectivity with built-in Ethernet switch providing "hub-less" downstream connectivity
  • Application software compatibility with native COM or TTY ports as well as remote TCP socket connections
  • Full-function embedded Web server, SMTP e-mail agent, and SNMP monitoring
  • Programmable processing platform with on-board Flash and RAM memory
  • Watchdog software and reset circuitry
  • Internet accessibility and remote management capabilities
  • Application software development tools and support

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