LINAGORA becomes the third Red Hat Advanced Partner in France


United States, February 1, 2005

Following StartX and Ares, the Free Software Services Company LINAGORA has joined the network of Red Hat Advanced Partners in France and is reaping the benefits of a higher level of service.

Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq: RHAT), the leading provider of open source solutions to the enterprise, today announced that LINAGORA, France's leading Free Software Services Company has signed an agreement to become an Advanced Partner in France.

This agreement formalises a long-standing relationship. Since its inception, LINAGORA has provided Red Hat solutions to its customers and it has had a Red Hat Certified Engineer at its disposal since 2001. Within the framework of this partnership, two further engineers shall become certified in February.

These two Open Source companies chose to become partners to successfully meet increasing customer demand and provide customers with a higher level of service.

"Red Hat has been able to adapt its solutions to changes in the Open Source market. For this reason, and to successfully meet growing customer demand, it seemed essential for us to formalise a partnership with this leading software publisher. Businesses want us to adapt specific distributions for them based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux that allow optimal interfacing with their existing infrastructure. The most important thing for LINAGORA is to obtain Red Hat Level 3 certification. This is why this Advanced Partner agreement is so essential", explained Michel-Marie Maudet, Deputy Managing Director of LINAGORA.

Red Hat is also delighted with this partnership. "Our objective is to work with businesses whose knowledge of Linux is the most competent. LINAGORA is without doubt one of the most dynamic Open Source companies in France. Their know-how provides us with the assurance of an impeccable quality of service for business users. LINAGORA's methodology, based on precise benchmarks, as well as its extensive geographical presence (a regional sales office has just opened in Nantes and a branch office is soon to be opened in Lyon) are additional factors that motivated us to formalise this partnership", explained Francois Lucatelli, Channel Sales Manager for Red Hat France.

"We currently have several projects in progress involving Red Hat solutions, including notably the Red Hat Network. Our objective is to triple the number of Red Hat solution subscriptions given the high level of demand and the genuine suitability of these solutions in meeting market needs", affirmed Michel-Marie Maudet.

Indeed, according to recent figures produced by AMI-Partners analysts Linux is expected to be installed on around 6% of all servers and more generally on workstations within Small and Medium sized Enterprises globally by 2008. Ever conscious of cost, performance and reliability factors, I.T. decision-makers are taking Linux seriously.

About Linagora

Inventor of the concept of Free Software Services Companies (SS2L), LINAGORA positions itself as the market's leading Systems Integrator.
LINAGORA supervises and supports its customers in all of their projects involving the industrialisation of free solutions, using its unique tools and methods such as Third Party Maintenance for Free Software (TM2L) as well as the provision of innovative services based around 8 centres of competence: LDAP Directory, Content management, Supervision, Groupware, Security and PKI, Office Freeware, Databases and J2EE Development.
LINGORA also provides training, solutions and support services, allowing its customers to gain maximum benefits from using Open Source technology.
LINAGORA is a founder member of ASS2L, Association of Open-Source Software Service Companies.
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About Red Hat, Inc.

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