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Open Source Innovation + Enterprise-Class Stability

Subscribing to enterprise open source software like Red Hat®'s JBoss® Enterprise Middleware portfolio has become increasingly compelling for organizations wanting to increase their productivity, value, and control while benefiting from enterprise-class support SLAs, guaranteed patches, updates, hot-fixes, and legal assurance.

Our JBoss enterprise products—available to customers with support subscriptions—represent the best of both worlds:

  • Software developed by a vibrant open source community
  • The testing, certification, documentation, training, and support expected from mature enterprise software products

Red Hat® integrates the best projects and features from the JBoss Community and other communities into stable, supported enterprise-class middleware offerings. Then rigorously tests and certifies them against multiple operating systems, Java™ Virtual Machines (JVMs), and databases.

Which JBoss is best for my project?

Community or Enterprise: Which is best for my project?

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Compared to proprietary alternatives, JBoss Enterprise Middleware delivers enterprise-class stability and performance at significantly lower costs. Compared to JBoss Community projects, JBoss Enterprise Middleware reduces business and technical risks, increases IT productivity, and speeds time to deployment.

Compared to JBoss Community projects, JBoss Enterprise Middleware:
  • Reduces business and technical risks.
  • Increases IT productivity.
  • Speeds time to deployment.
  • Provides enterprise-class support service-level agreements (SLAs) and legal assurance.
  • Gives you guaranteed patches, updates, and hot-fixes.
Compared to proprietary alternatives, JBoss Enterprise Middleware:
  • Delivers much better value for enterprise-class stability and performance.
  • Gives you more control to upgrade on your own schedule—not your vendor's.

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Red Hat Middleware Services - Ensuring complete customer success

The leader in customer satisfaction*, Red Hat provides a wide array of middleware-related consulting and training offerings to meet the needs of most any project, large or small.

Red Hat Middleware Services capabilities and expertise are vast, but our goal is simple: ensure that customers achieve the highest possible value and the lowest total cost of ownership with their JBoss Middleware investments. For more information on Red Hat Middleware Services, check out our Consulting, and Training offerings.

* Source: JBoss Enterprise Middleware, by Red Hat: Technical Support Services Leader, Velociti Partners, September, 2012

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