Accelerate JBoss Provisioning and Deployment with JBoss Managed Solutions


Recorded Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This webinar is one of ten in the Get Unstuck with JBoss Managed Solutions Webinar Series.

Coordinating the provisioning and deployment of your JBoss servers and applications across your development, test and production environments can be a major challenge. Balancing the needs of your developers for speed and agility, with those of IT operations teams for stability and standardization can have you running around in multiple directions. In this webinar you will learn how you can simplify JBoss provisioning and deployment for your development, test and production environments and address the needs of both development and IT using JBoss Operations Network.


Joe Fernandes, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat
Joe Fernandes is a senior product marketing manager in Red Hat's Cloud business unit, responsible for JBoss Operations Network. Prior to joining Red Hat, Joe was the director of product management for Application Quality Management solutions at Oracle and was previously the director of product management and marketing for Empirix's Web business unit, prior to its acquisition by Oracle. Joe has spent the past 12 years helping customers deploy, test and manage enterprise applications.

Alan Santos - Senior Product Manager, Red Hat
Alan Santos is a product manager for the JBoss division of Red Hat, responsible for middleware operations, administration and management. Alan has 15 years of experience using, building and promoting enterprise software. Prior to joining Red Hat, Alan was a senior product manager at Progress Software responsible for the DataXtend product line.

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