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World Class Developer Productivity

start quote It has been found that it is approximately one-third quicker to develop with JBoss EAP as opposed to WebSphere AS ND.

...Installation and configuration of WebSphere AS ND is very difficult for all but the most experienced administrators. The tools utilize a proprietary nomenclature that requires coaching and training.

Source: Virtuant Study: JBoss EAP vs. WebSphere: A TCO Analysis October, 2011

Build Applications faster with JBoss® Developer Studio and the JBoss Way

We all know that TCO is a top priority. For many organizations, increasing competition makes time to market just as important. With today's quickly changing environment, you need to be more productive, get to market faster and be able to update your deployed applications as soon as your requirements change. By combining the extensibility of Java EE 6 with the latest open standards, JBoss provides developers with immediate productivity and a fast time to market.

Single Development Tool Tailored for Extreme Productivity

JBoss provides superior support for your entire development lifecycle in a single development tool. JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition includes a broad set of tooling capabilities and provides developer choice in supporting multiple JVMs, productivity (Maven) and testing tools (Arquillian). It provides you with everything you need to develop, test and deploy your rich web applications, enterprise applications and SOA services. No need to buy multiple subscriptions to build and test on JBoss products. Or pay production SLAs to get support. It's all included.

Introducing The JBoss Way: Tools, Templates and Architectural Designs to Maximize Developer Productivity

The JBoss Way is a development approach that provides a more productive and simple way to create modern applications. It introduces a new set of frameworks, tools and architectural designs focused on improving developer productivity in building modern applications for mobile, the cloud and more.

Innovations such as HTML5, mobile, web-browser eventing, Java EE 6, cloud deployment and in-container testing can be quickly and easily adopted as part of The JBoss Way. Support for technologies such as Java EE 6, Arquillian, Hibernate, AeroGear, Errai, RichFaces, JBoss Forge, TorqueBox and Red Hat OpenShift, improves developer efficiency and provides technical capabilities that address modern application requirements, all with a cohesive architectural approach.

The JBoss Way provides you with a large and growing variety of resources, including a complete series of tutorials, Maven archetypes, architectural guidance, screencasts, reference architectures and more than 50 quick-starts, enabling them to quickly adopt new innovations.á

A brief overview of The JBoss Way - A better way to build applications

Red Hat Enables Developers at a Lower Cost

When you buy a subscription to one Red Hat® Middleware product, you get development rights to all JBoss Enterprise Middleware products. Specifically, for every 16 cores of a JBoss subscription 25 developers gain development rights for all JBoss platforms.

Proprietary software development environments provide much less. Oracle JDeveloper, for example, provides free extensions for developing artifacts like SOA composites, BPM processes and business rules, but doesn't include the ability to test these artifacts. Testing can only be accomplished on installations of either the SOA Suite or the BPM Suite and both require additional licensing of those suites for use by developers.

Source: "Why Choose JBoss Enterprise Middleware over Oracle Fusion Middleware?"

IBM does not include developer rights to their entire WebSphere portfolio when you purchase a single WebSphere product. With the exception of WebSphere Application Server for Developers and WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse, IBM WebSphere developer tools must be licensed independently or provided as part of a production license.

Source: "Why Choose JBoss Enterprise Middleware over IBM WebSphere?"