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start quote Open Source no longer means Open Scare. With the delta between open source alternatives so large, it's hard to understand why anyone starting anew would even think about embracing a proprietary application server.

Source: Cameron McKenzie "Comparing WebSphere and JBoss. It's like shooting fish in a barrel"
theServerside.com April, 2012


JBoss® Enterprise Middleware lets you start—and finish—more projects. Deploy more applications and manage them more cost-effectively. Update more business processes faster. And integrate more services and data.

JBoss Enterprise Middleware has been proven to help customers increase:

  • Incremental gross revenue
  • IT productivity
  • Operational savings

Resulting in an overall decrease in time to market.

*Source: Virtuant Study: JBoss EAP vs. WebSphere: A TCO Analysis, October, 2011


JBoss Operations Network (JBoss ON) helps your IT organization effectively manage its JBoss Enterprise Middleware environment, including applications and infrastructure.

A recent independent study by IDC found that customers using JBoss ON yielded an average of 634% ROI-more than 6 times their initial investments-and more than doubled the number of JBoss servers managed per administrator. These gains were the result of:

  • Improved IT efficiency.
  • Less downtime.
  • Higher productivity.
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Middleware Management Comparison: JBOSS VS. WEBSPHERE AND WEBLOGIC

How do JBoss managed solutions measure up to IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic? Judge for yourself.

FEATURE JBoss Managed EAP IBM WebSphere1 administration console Oracle WebLogic2 administration console
Single view of application inventory JBoss provides a single view of application servers across multiple domains, and provides web servers, databases, CPUs, and file systems.

WebSphere and WebLogic administration consoles only provide a view of application servers within a single domain.
Yes No No
Application provisioning, rollback, and history JBoss provides centralized application provisioning, rollback, and history (for application servers, applications, configurations, and other resources).

WebSphere and WebLogic administration consoles only provide application provisioning for application servers within a single domain and provide limited provisioning history and rollback capabilities.
Yes No No
Configuration, change management, and auditing JBoss provides centralized configuration management across multiple application servers and multiple domains, and includes configuration change history and rollback.

WebSphere and WebLogic administration consoles only provide configuration management for application servers within a single domain and provide a limited view of configuration change history and limited rollback capabilities.
Yes No No
Monitoring and alerting (real-time and historical) JBoss provides integrated real-time and historical monitoring of performance and availability, automatically calculated historical baselines, and integrated alerts and notifications.

WebSphere and WebLogic administration consoles provide primarily real-time monitoring and don't provide historical monitoring capabilities, baselines, or integrated alerting.
Yes No No

1 Source: IBM Redbooks online documentation
2 Source: Oracle online documentation

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

This flagship product of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware portfolio combines total flexibility, the innovative power of open source software, and the stability and security of enterprise-level software. Download the IDC study "How Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is Extending Business Value" to find out how JBoss Enterprise Application Platform will help you:

  • Increase business agility.
  • Drive productivity
  • Speed application development time.