Are you a professor teaching a Computer Science or Software Engineering class next school year?

Would you like...

  • A real-world project (you can choose from thousands) for your students to work on?
  • Experienced engineers as dedicated project mentors for your students?
  • No NDA — everything you do can be used as a public portfolio for you, your students and your institution?
  • Teaching materials to help your students get started on their projects?
  • Interactive and tutorials for your students and TAs where Red Hat professionals teach the tools and practices that typically confuse newcomers on the job?

Give us a weekend of your time this summer.
We'll give you that — and more.

  • Turnkey infrastructure — ready-to-go servers for hosting student work at no cost or hassle to your IT department
  • Interviews, press releases and more for your class and institution throughout the upcoming school year
  • Authorship of a chapter in a published book covering the story of your class
  • Access to a supportive network of colleagues who have done this with their students in the past
  • Up to $1600 USD course funding during the next school year to bring in guests and jump-start projects

Learn about POSSE in this video from with Chris Tyler, Professor at Seneca College, and Mel Chua, Community Engineer at Red Hat.

Over 50 professors have attended Red Hat's 6 workshops on 3 continents. Be the next.

POSSE, the Professors' Open Source Summer Experience, is a faculty workshop that immerses professors in the culture, tools and practices of open source communities. It' designed to teach you what you need to know to help your students get started as contributors to those communities — and as part of that, you'll spend a portion of each day making your own contribution to an open source project.

You'll also learn how to translate open source experiences back to the reality of academia — how does this work with required courses, grading, publications, semester schedules and course evaluations?

No experience with open source communities or contribution is necessary — you don't even have to run Linux.

Date and location

Hosted at Red Hat's corporate headquarters in Raleigh, NC from July 23-24, 2011.

How to apply

Learn more about the application process and how to be part of the experience.

Open curriculum

The POSSE curriculum is made of entirely open content and is available as 2 or 5-day workshops for academic and corporate audiences. Interested in hosting one? Check it out.