Extended Lifecycle Support

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Extended Lifecycle Support offered for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4 lets you continue using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4 beyond your regular 7-year lifecycle.


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This offering (offered for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4):

  • Gives you critical impact security fixes and urgent priority bug fixes along with update errata documentation and Knowledgebase information for up to 3 years beyond the regular 7-year lifecycle.
  • Aligns the Red Hat Enterprise Linux adoption model with the application and hardware lifecycle known from proprietary RISC/UNIX or mainframe systems and mission-critical applications. You can keep your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems stable for longer than the lifetime of today's typical hardware platform.
  • Provides an additional option if you have mission-critical server installations and want to reduce costs and minimize disruption to your datacenters by extending the lifetime of your existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments.


This schematic is applicable to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4 only


Lifecycle management

Complement your in-place subscription

Available as an Add-On option, Extended Lifecycle Support complements your in-place Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription and extends the overall supported lifecycle from 7 years up to a total of 10 years. This offering requires that you have an existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription with equivalent subscription terms and support level.

Extended Lifecycle Support is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux major release 3 and 4 today. The end of life for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 is scheduled for February 29, 2012, so this is a good time to take advantage of this Red Hat offering.

The fine print

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extended Lifecycle Support program only covers specific Red Hat Enterprise Linux software components. See the nonsupported software components for each major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux supported by Extended Lifecycle Support. These packages and their subpackages are excluded from Extended Lifecycle Support coverage, which means that Red Hat will not update them or fix customer-reported defects. Red Hat reserves the right to exclude additional packages for security reasons.


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