Red Hat Satellite

Making Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployable, scalable, and manageable

Trying to manage your Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® environment on your own? Use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux continues to grow around the world. So does the need to manage these environments to a high standard of quality. Luckily, there's Red Hat Satellite.

Easily manage many Linux systems

Red Hat Satellite is an easy-to-use system management platform for your Linux infrastructure. It lets you manage tens, hundreds, even thousands of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems as easily as 1. The recently launched Red Hat Satellite 5.6 includes highly requested new features. Watch the Red Hat Satellite overview video.

Low per-system costs, quick ROI

Red Hat Satellite gives you the tools to efficiently manage your systems, lowering per-system deployment and management costs. Plus, a recent IDC return-on-investment (ROI) study found the average payback period for the initial investment of Red Hat Satellite to be less than 7 months.


Effective system administration

Coupled with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Smart Management Add-On, Red Hat Satellite makes Linux more deployable, scalable, manageable, and consistent by giving you robust system administration capabilities like:

  • Provisioning.
  • Patch management.
  • Configuration management.
  • Monitoring.

Granular reporting

NEW! Red Hat Satellite now gives you deeper and richer knowledge and reporting, including the ability to:

  • Report per-system expiration, SLA, or contract.
  • Collect and report on critical crash information via the new Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT) feature.

Enhanced Satellite synchronization

NEW! Inter-Satellite sync lets 1 Red Hat Satellite instance pull content from another Red Hat Satellite instance. With the 5.6 release, you can now retain and refine channel (or repository) access permissions when synchronizing from 1 Red Hat Satellite instance to another. Administrators of each instance in a synchronized exchange now have finer control over access permissions per instance, per organization, and, by extension, per channel.

Support for zero-downtime hot backups

NEW! Red Hat Satellite now provides a simple backup of the Satellite server without requiring a scheduled outage window for downtime.

Improved Satellite scaling

NEW! Red Hat Satellite now has an installation option for deploying the Red Hat Satellite admin-managed (embedded) database on a separate Red Hat
 Enterprise Linux system, providing significant scaling without requiring the expertise of a database administrator (DBA).

Management modules

Smart Management Add-on

Use Red Hat Satellite for life-cycle management

When you buy a Red Hat Satellite subscription, you also need the Smart Management Add-On for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems in your network.

Together, these solutions let you use 1 centralized console to manage all of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems—mainframes, desktops, or servers, and physical or virtual machines.

With the Smart Management Add-On, you're ready to manage the complete life cycle of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.

Management, provisioning, and monitoring modules

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Smart Management Add-On includes the management and provisioning modules for Red Hat Satellite. An optional monitoring module lets you track the performance of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems and receive alerts about system performance—so you can take action before problems arise.


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