Red Hat Network Management Module

The Management Module allows for increased management capabilities and scalability of Linux deployments in your enterprise. The Management Module features all the capabilities of the Update Module, plus the functionality needed to help your IT organization lower costs and increase productivity immediately. The Management Module allows you to:

  • Group systems together for easier administration. Automate formerly manual tasks.
  • Manage more systems per sys admin, schedule your updates for optimal times, and efficiently search for systems and packages.
  • Develop custom channels, define role-based permissions and policies, and utilize RHN's API access layer.

Please note that a management subscription cannot be used in the absence of a full RHEL subscription.


The Management Module comes with the following functionality:

  • Systems grouping
  • Systems permissions
  • Scheduled actions
  • System search
  • Package profile comparison tools

Enhanced features including custom channels, local package caching, single port access, local database repository, channel cloning and management tools, channel permissions, errata cloning and management, and complete off-network capability are available when you upgrade to Proxy and Satellite architectures.

For more information about the additional functionality of an RHN Proxy or Satellite Server, see our comparison table. For more information about the features listed above, take a tour of the Management Module.

Installation of the Management Module takes only minutes when you register your systems with RHN. For customers wishing to run Proxy and Satellite, a half day to a full day may be required to complete the install. For customers wishing to optimize their Satellite deployment and receive in-depth training, consulting packages are available for on-site optimization and tutorials.

For pricing or product information about this or any other RHN module, contact sales or call 1-866-273-3428 x45606.

Note for customers who purchased an Enterprise Linux subscription prior to October 2003.