Red Hat® understands your security challenges—meeting compliance regulations, protecting your computing infrastructure, providing a safe pathway to the cloud.

Red Hat technologies are the solutions of choice for organizations that require strict security certifications. And they've earned their reputation as robust and reliable. Our security solutions work consistently in all deployment contexts: bare metal, virtualization, and the cloud. And to stay ahead of the latest threats, Red Hat works closely with security agencies.


Security from hackers

Is your web business hardened against hackers? Is your infrastructure prepared for a hacker that gets through your firewall?

Avoiding fees and fines

Are you adequately protecting your customer's personal information? Are you protecting yourself against punishment for regulatory noncompliance?


Secure your web business

Your online business should start with a robust and secure infrastructure that's safe from intrusion and that protects your customers' data.

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Meet compliance regulations

Whether you need to secure credit card processing, protect patient medical records, or safeguard business and financial records, Red Hat provides the technologies to match the business processes that you require.

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