Challenged by inflexible, monolithic storage hardware? With Red Hat® Storage solutions, you can break through the barriers of high-priced, hard-to-manage storage, and deploy file serving and sharing that delivers linear scalability of performance, capacity, and availability.

Rigid storage

It's your storage. You should have more choice.

Traditional storage is deployed in proprietary, monolithic form factors. These hardware providers commonly dictate what must be done in your enterprise to accommodate their storage arrays and storage racks, limiting your choice and flexibility.

By eliminating your ability to choose key components of your storage systems, these traditional approaches have resulted in you paying more for your storage infrastructure while using it less and achieving less productivity.

Fixed hardware

Avoid the proprietary lock-in trap

Buying proprietary hardware and software solutions locks you in to a storage configuration that might meet your short-term needs. But what about your long-term goals?

With proprietary storage systems, advancements in disk storage technology plus innovations in control-unit design may force you to make expensive storage-upgrade decisions. These can take months—even years—to fully deploy.

Red Hat Storage solutions can help you face this challenge head-on.

Difficult management

Storage management shouldn't feel like rocket science

Storage can be hard to manage, requiring specific hardware connectivity and detailed configuration and management activity to maximize the storage system's performance. And all of this complexity isn't free. Some traditional storage providers force you to buy storage management courses. Without it, you risk minimizing your support.

Red Hat Storage is designed from the ground up for simplicity. Simplicity in design, deployment, and management of storage. Which in turn lowers your overall cost to deploy and manage our innovative storage solutions. 

Global file-sharing barriers

You need global file-sharing support, not limits

With today's distributed organizations, there's an even greater need for easy and cost-effective file-sharing infrastructures. But the traditional approach to file sharing provides marginal support for the demands of a global enterprise.

For example, many businesses demand file access not just across campus, but across wide geographical distances. The monolithic approach to file access and sharing limits you to a specific number of nodes within a file-sharing global namespace.

Red Hat Storage solutions break these barriers and enable access to hundreds of file server nodes on a global basis.

High-priced storage

Bottom line: There's a smart alternative to expensive storage

Traditional proprietary storage systems are expensive to acquire and maintain. Primarily because they use highly specialized hardware to accomplish many functions. It’s simple math: High-priced software + costly management = a higher overall cost of storage for you.

Red Hat Storage can help drastically reduce the overall cost of your storage hardware while delivering enterprise-class performance, capacity, and availability.


Flexible, scalable storage

Scale without disrupting data access

Red Hat Storage's software-only approach lets you reconfigure storage to meet your business needs as they evolve. You can start with a general-purpose storage configuration, then easily move to a high-availability configuration later.

Red Hat Storage Server for On-premise and Red Hat Storage Server for Public Cloud provide POSIX-compliant, distributed file systems designed for unlimited scalability. Add compute, I/O bandwidth, or storage as needed to meet changing capacity and performance needs—to greater than petabytes—without disrupting data access.

Linear performance scalability

Red Hat Storage Server for On-premise and Red Hat Storage Server for Public Cloud deliver petabytes of capacity with linear performance and availablity scaling. Finally, you have a storage choice that provides true linear scalability.

Independent data and hardware management

Red Hat Storage's elastic volume management enables storage volumes to be abstracted from the hardware, so you can manage data and hardware independently:

  • Add storage while data continues to be available, with no application interruption.
  • Rebalance capacity by growing volumes across machines in the system and migrating them within the system.
  • Add storage server nodes on the fly.

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Choice of hardware

Deploy your choice of commodity hardware

With Red Hat Storage, you can deploy a specific hardware configuration and change it as your needs change. Our approach to storage is an open source, software-only model that lets you deploy commodity hardware that you choose. Select from server and storage products on our Red Hat Storage Hardware Compatibility List (HCL), and build a turnkey network-attached storage (NAS) Red Hat Storage Server for On-premise that can be deployed in minutes in the datacenter or private cloud.

As your storage needs change, you can scale up and out easily. Our hardware-agnostic approach lets you deploy the hardware of your choice and upgrade that hardware when it's technologically and financially appropriate for you and your IT organization.

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Easy to consume and manage

Better performance, less effort

Red Hat Storage simplifies management via easy-to-use interfaces and a streamlined deployment architecture that lets you maximize performance with minimum effort:

  • Build and deploy an on-demand storage environment in just minutes, and deploy additional storage in minutes and, in some cases, seconds.
  • Get simplified storage management in virtualized architectures, with hundreds of file-system nodes sharing 1 global namespace.
  • Enjoy easy-to-use performance monitoring and analysis tools.
  • Restore data to the correct state following recovery with self-healing capabilities.
  • Automate management with an advanced console manager.

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Better support for internal file sharing

Global file sharing that goes the distance

Red Hat Storage lets you deploy a globally sharable storage infrastructure, increasing visibility and access to information regardless of where you are. While traditional monolithic storage providers limit you to campus-mode global namespaces, Red Hat Storage lets you build a global namespace that can span large geographical distances. You choose the number of active file-system nodes and where you want to access the file system from, according to your business demands. 

Efficient, secure multitenancy

Red Hat Storage supports multitenancy, enabling multiple users and applications to use the file systems efficiently and securely. Whether your multitenancy requirements are in the datacenter and private cloud or in the public cloud, Red Hat Storage is ready to support you.

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Lower cost

Cut costs with commodity hardware and software subscriptions

Significantly reduce your storage costs with Red Hat Storage by using commodity hardware and through cost-effective software subscriptions. You can add storage capacity as needed to help avoid pricey up-front purchases that exceed current needs.

Buy only what you need, when you need it

Our open source, software-only model lets you choose from our Red Hat Storage HCL and configure the Red Hat Storage Server for On-premise configuration of your choice. No more buying unnecessary hardware that results in higher overall cost of ownership.

With Red Hat Storage Server for Public Cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS), you deploy on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances (M1 Large or larger) and use Elastic Block Storage (EBS) devices. In fact, we automate the process and attach the EBS devices as part of the installation process—all you do is choose how much capacity you want.

You deploy only the hardware you need. You choose your NAS appliance configuration. And you pay for only what you need—when you need it.

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