Budgets are shrinking, but public sector IT departments are asked to deliver more value every year—consolidate, build shared services, increase security, and prepare for emergency situations. The answer? Stability, security, and innovation from Red Hat.

As the bridge between the community and the enterprise, we deliver open innovation to 90% of the Fortune 500 and beyond—without the vendor lock-in. We solve challenges for the public sector, working together to:

  • Consolidate IT resources securely and cost-effectively.
  • Build fully interoperable, open hybrid cloud infrastructures that work with existing investments.
  • Simplify and accelerate the development, deployment, and management of critical applications.
  • Connect disparate data, systems, and applications to turn big data into actionable information.


With the federal government's datacenter consolidation initiative now fully underway, agency CIOs and IT managers are quickly realizing that it's no longer just a numbers game.

But with pressure on to move fast, it's tempting to grab for "cloud-in-a box" solutions. They might consolidate resources in a hurry, but they can also tie your hands to a single vendor's platform.

And then there's open. A portfolio based on open source technology, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, can help agencies and organizations get the outcomes they need, on their terms. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization can run on multiple platforms, with management tools that run across cloud infrastructures from a variety of vendors without locking you in. And because it's part of the Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, you can prepare for the cloud with greater agility, portability, and at a lower cost than proprietary solutions.

In addition, the Red Hat JBoss® SOA Platform can help agencies achieve "Shared-First" principles by integrating and linking applications and information without costly and disruptive implementation projects.

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Cloud services

The government's cloud-first mandates are pushing you to make the move, and it makes sense—the cloud can help maximize capacity utilization, improve IT flexibility, and minimize cost. Choosing the right cloud provider is absolutely essential because the decisions you make now can affect your agency for years and decades to come.

The future of government cloud is open

In a field full of cloud providers, Red Hat's cloud solutions can give you flexibility that others can't. Unlike other approaches, Red Hat gives you the freedom to choose. Our solutions can be deployed on your choice of infrastructure to work with the resources you already have—no need to rip and replace. Choice of platform, choice of virtualization, choice of cloud provider. Choice of platform, choice of virtualization, choice of cloud provider. Choice that only the open source leader can deliver.

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Enhanced service delivery

Even as federal agencies struggle to improve their economic footing, demands for new applications are constantly changing. Time to productivity is critical.

But getting new applications developed, deployed, and managed puts a strain on already tight budgets, personnel, and other resources already stretched thin.

The Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio of lightweight, cloud-friendly, enterprise-grade products lets developers work more efficiently, deploy applications and services faster, and increase agility to levels usually found in nimble, private sector companies.

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Secure, standardized IT

Red Hat is committed to providing secure and stable software that can be easily used for data-sensitive environments.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux: A leader in government security standards

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the industry's most certified operating system available today and meets stringent federal security requirements for confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Military-grade virtualized and cloud infrastructures

Our cloud and virtualization solutions meet a range of important federal security assurance requirements including FedRAMP, Common Criteria EAL 4+, and more.

The security mechanisms at the heart of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization—sVirt and SELinux (co-developed with the NSA)—provide kernel-level protection against hypervisor and guest exploits. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is Common Criteria EAL 4+-certified. This certification delivers a common cyber security posture; you don’t have to choose between open source innovation and security compliance when you get both as a standard part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

For a complete list of Red Hat’s government information assurance and security accreditations and certifications, learn more about our government standards.

Turning big data into actionable information

Big data can be incredibly valuable for agencies. It has the potential to provide operational and analytical insights that can help combat fraud, improve service delivery and emergency response, and democratize information. To realize that potential, however, you need to extract, analyze, and manage that data in a way that's right for you.

Red Hat offers a host of solutions to make big data actionable:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux—Designed for high performance, reliability, fine-grained resource management and scale-out storage, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the ideal platform for big data deployments. Develop, integrate, and secure big data applications reliably and with scale in mind. Use the cloud to easily store, aggregate, normalize, and integrate data from sources across multiple platforms.
  • Red Hat Storage Server—Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the proven GlusterFS distributed file system, Red Hat Storage Servers can be used to pool inexpensive commodity servers to provide a cost-effective, scalable, and reliable storage solution for big data.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization—Fully integrated with Red Hat Storage Server, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization seamlessly accesses the secure, shared storage pool managed by the storage server. Get reduced costs, greater portability, choice of infrastructure, scalability, availability, and the power of community-driven innovation.
  • Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization (Beta)—Set up a virtual data view to overcome the challenges of retrieving and using data that's spread far and wide within an organization. Access, query, and transform data from multiple sources—including relational databases, big data, XML files, Hadoop, and NoSQL files—without having to move your data.
  • Red Hat JBoss Middleware—Powerful technologies for creating and integrating big data-driven applications that can interact with new and emerging technologies.
State & Local / Education


Consolidation is a critical IT strategy for agencies and educational institutions at all levels. Condensing datacenters, storage space, and IT environments lets organizations reduce expenses and operate more efficiently. It also paves the way for cloud services.

Red Hat solutions, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, provide the ideal platform for large and small-scale consolidation deployments based on common operating environments and standards.

  • Securely and cost-effectively consolidate your Windows- and Linux-based workloads.
  • Centrally manage your entire virtual environment.
  • Get increased utilization, agility, and lower capital and operating costs.

Virtualize with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure and lay the foundation for a seamless path to your private and open hybrid cloud implementations.


Cloud services

State CIOs, local agencies, and educational organizations are looking to cloud computing to reduce costs while delivering necessary services to citizens and stakeholders.

Cloud services deliver these benefits and more, but only when done right.

The right cloud uses resources you already have alongside a broad portfolio of open, interoperable virtualization and cloud management products. It provides deep and useful analytics, streamlines management, and lowers IT costs—without locking you in.

Realize these benefits and more by deploying an open private or hybrid cloud strategy based on Red Hat cloud solutions—and all without locking you in.

With Red Hat, you can:

  • Take back control from technology vendors and get more from your existing infrastructure investments.
  • Focus on the applications that matter, not the cloud foundation they're built on.
  • Add to the cloud when your needs and budget allow.
  • Evolve your policies at your own pace.
  • Maintain portability, manageability, and interoperability across your infrastructure.
  • Access emerging technologies from open source development communities.

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Cost control

Caught between rising IT costs and shrinking budgets, IT departments need a more flexible, cost-efficient model for the next generation of government and educational services. It’s no surprise that there has been a recent explosion of open source deployments in these environments.

With Red Hat, cutting costs doesn't mean cutting services. We can help you streamline, consolidate, and modernize your IT infrastructure with a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, Linux, and middleware technologies and services. So you can do more with less.

How can you carve out operational costs with Red Hat?

  • Achieve 50-75% in savings over more costly proprietary virtualization software with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
  • Use the resources you already have and achieve positive ROI with our cloud portfolio.
  • Reduce annual TCO by 34% with Red Hat Enterprise Linux compared to Windows environments.
  • Manage exponential data growth at a fraction of the cost of other solutions with Red Hat Storage Server.
  • Replace overpriced middleware with Red Hat JBoss Middleware.
  • Use pre-built open source foundations to quickly and easily develop applications instead of starting from scratch.
  • Become more innovative, more agile, and more cost-effective by building on the collaborative efforts of your peers in government and education open source communities.


Legacy application modernization

Legacy application modernization

Application modernization is a must for lowering costs and improving service delivery. You need a system that is agile, flexible, and one customized to quickly meet your needs.

We can help you identify opportunities to modernize and provide the technologies and frameworks to make that happen.