We are Red Hat Support

Ever wish you could see the people who help you on Red Hat® support calls? Meet our Global Support Services Red Hatters of the Week. This program highlights specific GSS associates to give our customers and partners insight into the people that make Red Hat Support tick.

Meet the experts behind Red Hat Support

We're excited to show off the people behind Red Hat's award-winning support, showcasing their knowledge and expertise on a more personal level. Learn what interests them, what they think about working at Red Hat, and useful support-related information. 

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  • Chris Negus | Customer Portal Content Author
  • Chris Negus
  • Customer portal content author
  • Jack Waterworth | Technical Support Engineer
  • Jack Waterworth
  • Technical support engineer
  • About Jack

    Jack works on our storage team where he specializes in LVM configuration and troubleshooting, and works closely with our file-system and high-availability cluster teams. He works directly with Red Hat subscription holders to help troubleshoot and resolve any issues with
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • Alex Dellapenta | Technical Support Engineer
  • Alex Dellapenta
  • Technical support engineer
  • About Alex

    Alex is a senior member of our system management team, which handles technical support cases involving Red Hat Network Satellite, Red Hat Network Proxy, system registration, and other related products.


  • Additional information: Watch Alex's webinar on the basic components of Red Hat Subscription Manager, including how to register a system, common hiccups, migrating from Red Hat Network Classic and more.

  • Calvin Locklear | Technical Support Engineer
  • Calvin Locklear
  • Technical support engineer
  • About Calvin

    Calvin is part of the system management and networking speciality-based routing team where he responds to voice mail messages from overnight and weekend calls to the global support phone line, ensures content adheres to the KCS standards, and stays current on system management and networking issues.


  • Additional information: Calvin has certifications in A+, Network+, i-Net+, Microsoft Certified Systems Admin (MCSA), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT), and RHCE.