Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

A Red Hat® Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) is able to perform the following tasks:

  • Understand and use essential tools for handling files, directories, command-line environments, and documentation

  • Operate running systems, including booting into different run levels, identifying processes, starting and stopping virtual machines, and controlling services

  • Configure local storage using partitions and logical volumes

  • Create and configure file systems and file system attributes, such as permissions, encryption, access control lists, and network file systems

  • Deploy, configure, and maintain systems, including software installation, update, and core services

  • Manage users and groups, including use of a centralized directory for authentication

  • Manage security, including basic firewall and SELinux configuration



Certification program requirements:

  • The RHCSA Certification Exam consists of 1 section lasting up to 2.5 hours.

  • The exam is performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system rather than answer questions about how someone might perform those tasks.

  • Real-world experience is valuable preparation for this hands-on exam.

  • RHCSAs certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 6 or later are considered current for 3 years after the date on which the certification was earned. Current status can be extended by passing additional Red Hat exams. See recertification policies for more information.


The RHCSA certification is designed for:

  • Experienced Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators seeking validation of their skills.

  • Students who have attended Red Hat System Administration I and II and are on the path to earn RHCSA certification.

  • Experienced Linux system administrators who require a certification either by their organization or based on a mandate (DOD 8570 directive).

  • IT professionals who are on the path to earn a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE®) certification.

  • RHCEs who are non-current or who are about to become non-current and wish to re-certify as RHCEs.


Benefits to earning a Red Hat certification include:

  • Recognition in the industry.

  • Increased customer confidence.

  • Proof of knowledge and skills.

  • Certification verification tool for employers.

  • Use of the certification logo on business cards.

  • Ability to access multiple Red Hat Certificated Professional online communities (like Facebook and LinkedIn).

  • Access to Red Hat Certification Central website.

    • Download certification logo

    • Purchase Red Hat Certification gear

    • Red Hat Certified Professionals forum

    • Online profile listed under your certification number

    • Red Hat Certified Professional job search

  • Special offers on training and events.


In preparation to earn an RHCSA certification, Red Hat recommends a training path based on a candidate’s background.

Windows system administrators:

Linux or UNIX administrators:

Exam self-study:

*Availability of the RHCSA Rapid Track Course varies by country.

[To achieve certification, students must pass these Exams]

Performance-based exam that tests the core system administration skills required in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.