Red Hat OpenShift Container DevOps Platform

Accelerate application delivery with containers and devOps

OpenShift offers a common platform for development and operations teams to ensure consistency and standardization of application components, eliminate configuration errors, automate deployment and controlled rollout of new capabilities into production, and rollback in the event of a failure. For environments with a high degree of security and regulatory requirements, additional capabilities are provided to enforce policies and role-based access control.


Modernizing existing applications & build next-gen applications

OpenShift provides a common platform for cloud-native, microservices applications alongside the existing traditional and stateful applications. Broad choice of application frameworks, programming languages, and developer tools enables customers to prototype innovative applications more quickly. OpenShift also enables access to a broad range of Red Hat and third party– provided application and middleware services, API management, and storage services.


Adopt a consistent application platform for hybrid cloud deployments

IT organizations that want to decouple application dependencies from the underlying infrastructure are adopting container technology as a way to migrate and deploy applications across multiple cloud environments and datacenter footprints. OpenShift provides a consistent application development and deployment platform, regardless of the underlying infrastructure, and provides operations teams with a scalable, secure, and enterprise-grade application platform and unified container and cloud management capabilities.


Innovative new applications, services and business model

OpenShift ushers in a culture of innovation, learning and experimentation by speeding up the software development, test and deployment cycles. It replaces cumbersome and poorly integrated IT development chains, and puts in place a production factory line which enables the business to test out new ideas with fast feedback cycles.


Jboss Practices on top of container Devops Platform

Monoliths to microservices practice

Red Hat offers an effective methodology and toolset to modernize and migrate a client’s existing legacy applications – whether they are Java-based, or built on outdated ESBs or messaging middleware – to a microservice-based, containerized architecture based on OpenShift and JBoss Middleware.


Cloud native application development practice

Red Hat offers a specific approach to help clients adopt cloud-native development practices and architecture patterns using Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes, based on a a developer-centric integrated framework covering JEE, Node.JS, SpringBoot, Vert.x and more.


Agile integration practice

The need for integration has become an impediment to a business’ ability to execute its digital initiatives. With Red Hat’s Agile Integration architecture approach and practice - using JBoss Fuse, OpenShift and 3scale API Management – clients can unlock the traditional bottlenecks that organisations face when either refactoring their existing integration architectures or looking to adopt better ways to integrate with SaaS, IoT, Mobile, Partners, Content or integration systems and data.


Digital process driven application development

OpenShift ushers in a culture of innovation, learning and experimentation by speeding up the software development, test and deployment. Business Process Management and decision-rules engines have provided businesses high levels of agility and change in their software architectures. However, traditional middleware vendors have experienced challenges building these tools into containerized cloud-native application architectures. With JBoss Decision Server and Process Server designed to run on OpenShift, clients can now leverage a superior means to design process-driven applications in a cloud architecture.


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