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Putting new technology to use is an exciting prospect. But going from purchase to production isn’t always smooth. Code Comments covers the bumps, the hiccups, and the setbacks teams face when adjusting to new technology—and the triumphs they pull off once they really get going.

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Jamie Parker

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Jamie Parker

Jamie Parker is a Product Manager for Observability at Red Hat. She has over 20 years of tech experience across education, telecom, security, and software. At Red Hat, Jamie enjoys working with customers, partners, and organizations to gather requirements that help create robust observability products that span hybrid cloud environments—from on-prem to cloud, and edge. In addition to observability, Jamie also enjoys working with and discussing software-defined networks, GitOps and automation, FinOps, software delivery systems, and bass guitars.

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Teams can get a boost from IT automation. But it’s not always an easy get. Play around with automation and figure out how it can help you, your team, and your organization perform—and build a case for adjusting to automation.

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