The Open Source Architecture is built around choice. A choice of architectures, hardware, middleware, applications. How you assemble your solution is up to you.

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  • Intel x86
  • AMD64
  • Intel EM64T
  • Intel Itanium2
  • IBM PowerPC
  • IBM Mainframe

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Operating System

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS

Top of the line server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES

Small to mid-range server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS

Technical workstation and single-unit desktops/client

Red Hat Desktop

For volume client system deployments

Academic Editions

Special Editions based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Fedora Project

Community-supported Linux operating system


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Red Hat Application Stack

The first fully integrated open source stack

Red Hat Global File System

Leading Linux cluster file system

Red Hat Cluster Suite

High availability and load balancing

Red Hat Developer Suite

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Choose hardware certified on Enterprise Linux.

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