PLEASE READ – FuseSource software is now available from Red Hat

Due to the acquisition of FuseSource Corporation by Red Hat, Inc., all FuseSource software is now hosted on or the Red Hat Customer Portal.

All existing FuseSource site logins, as well as new registrations for the FuseSource site, will still provide access to FuseSource forums, webinars, collateral, and other resources but new content will be added to the Red Hat web site.

Want More?

Download a 30-day evaluation version of JBoss A-MQ or JBoss Fuse from Red Hat and get the same bits you would get from, but additionally receive:

  • Access to the Red Hat Customer Portal
  • Product patches and security fixes
  • Advanced documentation including performance tuning guides, etc.
  • Access to JBoss Operations Network and Fabric Management Console

Download the eval version today!

Already a FuseSource Subscriber?

If you have already purchased a subscription to FuseSource software and support, please follow these instructions:

  • You should have received your login and password upon you confirmation of the receipt of the physical media version(s) of FuseSource software from Red Hat. If you have not, please email
  • Click here to login in and access your software.
  • Upon arriving at the Red Hat login/registration page, login on the left side of the page.

Click here to contact Red Hat Support.