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Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network

Create opportunities: Become Red Hat OpenStack-certified.

OpenStack® is the fastest-growing open source cloud infrastructure project. As it continues to gain widespread acceptance, customers need to know that the OpenStack-related technologies they're adopting have been thoroughly tested together, resulting in certified solutions that are fully supported by the partners involved.

Now you can give them that assurance by becoming a participant in the Red Hat® OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network.

What is it and who can join?

This partner program is for third-party companies that develop hardware, devices, plug-ins, software applications, or services for use with OpenStack and Red Hat products built on OpenStack technology. It provides a framework for our partners to advance their technologies fast and efficiently through Red Hat's trusted certification process.

3 partner levels

  • Red Hat Premier: Technologies fully and uniquely certified across Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and additional technology integration like:
    • Advanced networking services (Neutron extensions)
    • Object storage (Swift)
    • Image service (Glance)
  • Red Hat Advanced: Specific technology integration with Red Hat products built on the OpenStack components Nova, Cinder, and Neutron
  • Red Hat Ready: Basic technical compatibility with Red Hat products built on OpenStack technologies

Membership in the program gives you the resources, expertise, and tools to test and certify your solutions with Red Hat OpenStack technologies. Successful certification means that your solutions are fully supported and validated as certified for Red Hat products based on OpenStack.

Differentiate your business in the marketplace

Your participation in this program assures your customers that they're engaging with an industry-leading solution provider that partners with the largest OpenStack project contributor—Red Hat—to test and certify the joint solution components as validated and fully supported.

Red Hat provides the latest OpenStack builds, certification criteria, tools, test suites, developer support, and a formalized process for certification submissions and approvals. After your solution is certified, Red Hat publishes the results in the Red Hat Marketplace and makes them available in a variety of sales, marketing, and awareness activities to help speed up time to market and adoption by existing and new Red Hat customers.

Program benefits

Globally recognized as the world's open source leader, Red Hat branding helps you:

  • Stand out from competitors.
  • Shorten the sales cycle.
  • Create new business opportunities with help from Red Hat's marketing and awareness activities.
  • Expand your visibility to more than 1 million Red Hat customers.
  • Get recognized by Red Hat's extensive network of global business partners.
  • Access subject matter experts.
  • Collaborate with Red Hat to accelerate upstream integration.

Everything you need to succeed

As a member or our partner program, you get:

  • Software for testing and certifying your products and solutions.
  • Developer support to answer questions specific to testing and certifying your products and solutions with Red Hat's products based on OpenStack.
  • A trusted certification process, including automated tools and submissions.
  • Marketing and sales tools to shorten the time to market of your products with Red Hat's.
  • Multiple levels of business and technical program benefits (dependent on the depth of integration with Red Hat OpenStack technologies).
  • Additional program benefits and offerings to be announced.

Collaborative support and the certification process

We're dedicated to helping our joint customers succeed as they deploy solutions developed by Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure certified partners. To achieve this goal, we offer this Red Hat OpenStack technology certification. Working together, your support organization and Red Hat's can more easily support and service our customers and resolve issues fast.

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