Red Hat cloud products

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Red Hat cloud product portfolio

Products that support open private and hybrid clouds

Your enterprise cloud should empower you to solve problems now and take advantage of future innovations. Achieving this requires an infrastructure that's open, flexible, and interoperable—giving you the freedom to integrate applications and existing IT hardware from any source, at any time, based on your unique needs.

Freedom is an open hybrid cloud built on Red Hat products

An open private or hybrid cloud from Red Hat is built on open, enterprise-class products that integrate with an enterprise cloud architecture. Our broad product portfolio—used by thousands of organizations worldwide—has everything you need to build a future-proof cloud.

IT challenges?

Combine the products you need into a customized cloud solution.

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure:
Move your organization from traditional to cloud-enabled workload models

Build and manage a private cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) based on datacenter virtualization and management technologies. At the same time, you get an on-ramp to highly scalable public-cloud-like infrastructure based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux OpenStack® Platform. Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure lets your organization implement a converged infrastructure that increases the value your IT department delivers, improves manageability, and is future-proof.

Red Hat CloudForms:
A better way to deploy, manage, and optimize an enterprise cloud

With enterprise cloud management and automation technologies, Red Hat CloudForms lets your organization deploy, manage, and optimize private, public, and hybrid clouds, as well as virtualized infrastructures.

OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat:
Faster application development

Speed application development. OpenShift Enterprise, Red Hat's award-winning Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) lets developers focus on code by automating IT processes and providing a new level of choice in languages, frameworks, and clouds for developers to build, test, run, and manage their applications.

OpenShift Online by Red Hat:
Develop, build, launch, and run innovative applications faster

Increase developer productivity and accelerate application delivery. Using an elastic PaaS architecture and supporting multiple programming languages, OpenShift Online lets developers quickly build, launch, and run innovative applications in the cloud.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization:
Secure virtualization with industry-leading performance

Virtualize your systems and move to the cloud in 1 step to speed deployments, reduce costs, and be the first among your peers to benefit from self-service and cloud computing.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform evaluation and early adopter programs:
An easy way to build private and public clouds

Take advantage of the fast pace of OpenStack development without risking the stability and supportability of your production environment. Create a test cluster and evaluate for 90-days or become a Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform early adopter customer and get represented in the OpenStack community by Red Hat, where we’re currently the No. 1 corporate contributor and a major presence in all of the OpenStack subprojects.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux:
The best operating system for the cloud

With a robust base of developers and certified applications, Red Hat Enterprise Linux® is the most popular operating system for running applications in the cloud. And its legendary performance and reliability take full advantage of the horizontal scale offered by the cloud.

Red Hat Network:
Simplified Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems management

Red Hat Network makes provisioning and distributing virtual appliances easy. Manage virtual and physical servers, internal or on Red Hat Certified Premier Cloud Providers, with the same set of tools.

Red Hat Storage:
A storage solution that exploits enterprise data

Turn your data into an asset. Unlike any other enterprise data storage solution, Red Hat Storage is open, scale-out storage software that delivers a continuous storage platform across physical, virtual, and cloud resources.

Red Hat JBoss Middleware
Tools to build, deploy, integrate, and automate data and processes

Red Hat JBoss® Middleware is a comprehensive portfolio of middleware software for building and deploying composite applications in private and public clouds.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid:
A big data solution with high-throughput and high-performance computing

Benefit from flexible workload scheduling and orchestration across diverse clouds, and real-time adaption to capacity supply and demand.

Our products play well together—and with others

Unlike many cloud vendors, we don't lock you in. With our open cloud technologies, you don't have to worry about finding applications that work with a proprietary stack. Scalable, interoperable Red Hat cloud products work together—and with other products—to create the right cloud, right now.

Reduce risk with trusted, enterprise-class software

Some of the world's largest cloud providers use Red Hat infrastructure software because it just works—meeting your critical cloud scalability, security, and multitenancy needs. And by building incrementally on our reliable products, you take on less risk.

Minimize disruption by choosing cloud components incrementally

By adding cloud components incrementally—using the infrastructure you have—you avoid the wrenching change, disruption, and high costs you'd get adopting a monolithic stack.

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