JBoss Operations Network

A single point of control to deploy, manage, and monitor your JBoss Enterprise Middleware, applications, and services

JBoss® Operations Network (JBoss ON), a key component of Red Hat’s JBoss managed offerings, provides built-in management and monitoring capabilities to effectively administer all of your JBoss application environments, helping you improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure a positive experience for your end users.


JBoss ON enables your organization to:

  • Simplify application release management with support for application provisioning and patching.

  • Support IT governance objectives with enterprise-grade configuration management and runtime service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance.

  • Ensure application service levels with performance and availability monitoring.




Centralized management for JBoss Enterprise Middleware

JBoss Operations Network provides centralized control of your JBoss Enterprise Middleware, applications, and services. From the JBoss ON dashboard you can:

  • Get visibility across all your JBoss environments.
  • View key metrics on the health of your applications and services.
  • Drill down to analyze specific components and troubleshoot issues.

JBoss ON can help your organization:

  • Increase IT operational efficiency.
  • Reduce middleware management costs.
  • Get an unmatched return on investment (ROI) for managing all of your JBoss environments.

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Simplified provisioning and application deployment

JBoss Operations Network lets you:

  • Accelerate JBoss provisioning and deployment.
  • Standardize deployments across environments.
  • Manage change by maintaining an audit trail of your deployments and upgrades.

Using the JBoss ON console or command-line interface, you can:

  • Remotely deploy JBoss servers, applications, and services across groups of managed platforms or servers.
  • Manage multiple versions of your application content, maintain a history of all your deployments, and roll back changes if needed.
  • Monitor and deploy JBoss patches and updates from the Red Hat® Customer Portal and be notified when a new patch is available.

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Enterprise-grade configuration management

JBoss Operations Network provides enterprise-grade management capabilities across all of your JBoss development, test, and production environments. 

With JBoss ON you can:

  • Automatically discover and maintain an inventory of your application platforms, servers, and services.
  • Store, manage, and easily update JBoss server and applications configurations to standardize deployments.
  • Detect configuration changes and configuration drift, correlate changes with application performance history, and rollback configuration changes as needed.
  • Automate and schedule execution of operations for managed resources and resource groups.
  • Leverage runtime SOA governance for your enterprise service bus (ESB) running on JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform.

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Comprehensive performance and availability monitoring

Identify and address issues before they impact your customers and your business. JBoss Operations Network provides advanced monitoring of performance and availability for applications and services.

JBoss ON lets you:

  • Get real-time and historical views of performance and availability.
  • Ensure application service levels by measuring performance against automatically calculated baselines.
  • Define conditional alerts based on predefined thresholds.
  • Send notifications via email to individual users or groups, or via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to third-party event management consoles.
  • Automate operations or execute server scripts to correct faults in response to an alert.

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Unmatched ROI

An independent IDC study shows that JBoss Operations Network provides a number of key benefits for IT organizations managing JBoss Enterprise Middleware, including:

  • Increased IT efficiency.
  • Operational cost reductions.
  • Service improvements, like less application downtime.

The survey found that JBoss ON customers:

  • Yielded an average 634% return on investment (ROI) with payback in less than 6 months.
  • Saved 83% of top-line revenue lost from downtime.
  • Doubled the number of JBoss servers managed per system administrator from 38 to 84.

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