Operational efficiency

With Red Hat®, cutting costs doesn't mean cutting services. Our technologies and services streamline, consolidate, and modernize your IT infrastructure. So you can do more with less.

Reduce your operational expenses in many ways with Red Hat:

  • Systems management with Red Hat Network Satellite and JBoss® Operations Network lets your staff manage many servers as easily as a single server—a savings that can be magnified by using Standard Operating Environments (SOEs).

  • Virtualization enables consolidation of servers, reducing over-provisioning.

  • Red Hat technologies minimize the power consumption of your hardware.

  • Red Hat Consulting is always ready with other good ideas that can help you further simplify your environment and save money.


Power management

Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 6 delivers new features for reducing your datacenter's power footprint.

Red Hat’s power management tools:

  • Reduce heat for servers and computing centers.

  • Reduce secondary costs, including cooling, space, cables, generators, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs).

  • Extend battery life for laptops.

  • Lower carbon dioxide output.

  • Meet government regulations or legal requirements regarding green IT (for example, ENERGY STAR).

  • Meet company guidelines for new systems.

Consolidation by virtualization

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization lets you consolidate servers to reduce over-provisioning, automatically consolidate idle applications, and shut down unused virtual servers.

Consolidating with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization:

  • Increases business agility and continuity.

  • Gives you enterprise virtualization management features like live migration, high availability, load balancing, and power saving.

  • Eliminates the dependencies between the desktop operating system and the underlying hardware.

  • Costs 60% to 80% less with the same or better features than other solutions.

Standard Operating Environment

Rather than letting your user community configure their own systems for security, choice of applications, and other details, construct standard system images based on corporate best practices.

The Red Hat SOE:

  • Dramatically reduces deployment time.

  • Deploys and configures software in a standardized manner.

  • Simplifies maintenance through standardization.

  • Increases stability.

  • Reduces support and management costs.


Red Hat Consulting

Let Red Hat guide you through strategic and tactical application of Red Hat technologies, from conception to deployment. With Red Hat Consulting, you can:

  • Make smart architectural decisions from the start.

  • Reduce risk.

  • Accelerate project completion and time to value.

  • Integrate open and closed source software components.

  • Reduce internal support requirements and overhead.

  • Maximize product performance.

  • Deliver knowledge transfer and best practices to your in-house team.

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