Red Hat Certified JBoss Administration (RHCJA) Exam (EX248)

The Red Hat® Certified JBoss Administration (RHCJA) Exam (EX248) is a performance-based exam that tests your knowledge and skills to install, configure, monitor, manage, and deploy applications to Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform.

RHCJA certification is for system administrators or application developers whose responsibilities include the deployment, implementation, and management of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and its applications.


Classroom training

The JBCAA exam consists of 1 section lasting up to 4 hours. The exam is performance-based, meaning that you must perform tasks on a live system rather than answering questions about how you might perform those tasks. A JBCAA certification has a current window of 3 calendar years.

Review exam objectives for the JBCAA Exam.

Length:4 hours ,  


Training units: 2

Individual Exam Session

  • Take this exam on your time in one of our exam testing stations at select locations. Learn more about this option.


IT professionals who want to earn a credential that shows they have the skills and knowledge needed to install, configure, monitor, manage, and deploy applications to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform:

  • Application server systems administrators

  • Application administrators

  • Application developers

  • Deployment managers

  • System architects

  • Quality assurance engineers


No prerequisites. Read RHCJA Exam objectives for more information on skills requirements.