Holistic approach

As IT automation grows across your organization it can mean orchestrating new processes among people, tools, and technology. 

For end-to-end automation to succeed and scale, you need a framework that enables automation to grow independently across the organization. This is when management and governance become a key factor for success. 

Consider this: when there are no controls in place it becomes much easier for an error to be replicated, or for teams to be misaligned. When planning management and governance, the following should be included in your priorities:

  • Provide access to automation to the right people.

  • Adhere to organizational policy and security standards.

  • Establish clear lines of accountability.

  • Address risk to realize business benefits and innovation.

  • Choose solutions that provide auditability.

woman working on computer surrounded by clouds and the five process journey: last step

How will you scale automation in the right ways? Learn best practices–from establishing a governance framework to staying on the right side of industry regulations and compliance. Get started by reading more. Download The automation architect’s handbook: a guide to your company's end-to-end automation journey.

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