Extended Update Support

The Extended Update Support Add-On for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® offers a life cycle option for customers by extending the support interval for support pack releases.


Extend your update support period

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extended Update Support LogoThe 10-year life cycle for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ensures application binary interface (ABI) and application programming interface (API) stability throughout the support period for Red Hat Enterprise Linux with regular delivery of technology updates and security packages.

If your organization wants to stay on a particular snapshot for an extended period of time, we offer the Extended Update Support Add-On, which extends the support period of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux update for up to 24 months and delivers overlapping release support to give enterprise customers more flexibility.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux life cycle

Red Hat Enterprise Linux life cycle includes minor releases during the Production 1 phase that introduce new features and new hardware support. Production 2 and Production 3 phase minor releases don't include new features, and each minor release is cumulative.

By using the Extended Update Support Add-On, you can continue to receive critical impact security fixes and urgent priority bug fixes while deferring the introduction of new features into a production environment.

If you're a renewal customer, the Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) Add-On is available if you need to continue using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4 in a supported configuration.


Life cycle management

The Extended Update Support Add-On gives you the flexibility to decide when to take advantage of new features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and new server hardware. The longer support window for a minor release lets you efficiently plan your resource and deployment cycles based on internal requirements while maintaining a secure system.


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