Scalable File System

The Scalable File System Add-On for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® uses the XFS® file system to provide support for file systems that are between 16TB and 100TB in size.

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You can manage these large data stores using advanced features, like 64-bit journaling and advanced locking algorithms. In addition to supporting very large files and file systems on a single host, the XFS file system performs well on smaller systems running multithreaded parallel I/O workloads.


High performance

The Scalable File System Add-On delivers high performance via:

  • Intelligent organization of file system metadata, which minimizes wasted space and generates lists of used and free space to speed-write operations.
  • Multithreaded operations performing simultaneous file system operations that increase scalability.
  • Extent-based allocation and sorted lists of available free extents speeding up selection of needed space.
  • Delaying allocation of disk extents until data is flushed to reduce fragmentation.
  • Data transfer between user space memory and the disk using Direct Memory Access (DMA), which allows access to the full I/O bandwidth of the underlying disk devices for high-throughput disk applications.

Quota support

You can use project quotas to restrict the amount of storage used by a given directory tree.

Less downtime with online properties

Common operations, such as defragmentation and file system growth, may be performed while the file system remains mounted. Online properties reduce the downtime often associated with unmounting to perform administrative tasks.

Snapshots and backups

You can facilitate hardware snapshots by freezing an XFS file system while the snapshot is taken. And you can make backups from live XFS file systems.


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