High Performance Network

Delivering the performance of exotic interconnects over Ethernet

The Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® High-Performance Network Add-On delivers remote direct memory access (RDMA) over Converged Ethernet (RoCE).


Less CPU overhead and reduced infrastructure costs

Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Performance Network LogoWhen network latency and capacity are important, RoCE bypasses system and kernel calls to both traditional and advanced RDMA—Infiniband (traditional RDMA) and the Internet Wide Area RDMA Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), commonly called iWARP.

Instead of going through an independent network infrastructure, the High Performance Network Add-On places data directly into remote system memory using standard 10GigE infrastructure, resulting in less CPU overhead and reduced infrastructure costs.

By using standard RDMA verbs application programming interfaces (APIs), the High Performance Network Add-On is ideal for:

  • Localized high-speed data processing, such as trading and speeding up I/O.
  • Scaling up applications on distributed systems without investing in esoteric networking solutions.

This means that you can leverage converged Ethernet network designs to consolidate data and storage networks while reducing your cabling infrastructure, port counts, and associated costs.



RoCE lets you maintain a consistent 10GigE environment in your datacenters while providing low-latency transport for critical transactions. All existing applications using RDMA verbs can leverage a lower-cost infrastructure for low-latency workloads like:

  • Message queues
  • Database transactions
  • High-frequency trading applications

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Enterprise applications

Supported by most commercial trading applications.