Smart Management

Easily manage all of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems in one place

Imagine being able to use one centralized console to manage all of your Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® systems. Mainframes, desktops, or servers. Physical or virtual machines. With our Smart Management Add-On, it's a reality.


Free up time and resources with smarter systems management

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Smart Management Add-On LogoWhen coupled with Red Hat Network (RHN) Satellite, the Smart Management Add-On lets you easily manage the complete lifecycle of and update your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. The Add-On includes the RHN Management and Provisioning modules for use with RHN and RHN Satellite, letting you provision, patch, configure, and fully control your Red Hat Enterprise Linux development, test, and production systems. You can also buy an optional RHN Monitoring module to track system performance and receive alerts.

By proactively automating routine tasks like patch management, you have more time and resources to concentrate on other, higher value-added tasks.

300% ROI in 5 months

What's smarter management worth? A recent study by analyst firm IDC found that businesses using the Smart Management Add-On with RHN Satellite realized a more than 300% return on investment (ROI) with a payback period of under 5 months.


Easy audit readiness

Get detailed histories of events that occur on each system to meet compliance requirements:

  • Choose between prepackaged and custom reports.
  • Manage your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription.

Improved monitoring

When you add the RHN Satellite Monitoring module to your subscription, you get even more functionality:

  • Monitor both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and applications from Oracle, BEA, Apache, and other third-party vendors.
  • Monitor usage of CPUs, memory, and storage.
  • Receive email or pager notices when a probe reaches a predefined warning or critical threshold.
  • View reports and graphs of probe performance over time to determine what adjustments need to be made.

Multiple-organization capabilities

Logically subdivide your Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment by geography, system function, department, or other technical or organizational parameter.

Efficient provisioning

  • Provision new Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems quickly and consistently.
  • Deploy entire application stacks--from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to independent software vendor (ISV) applications, to custom applications, drivers, firmware, and configuration files.
  • Quickly create templates for provisioning using Kickstart.

Robust management

Patch management

  • Manage thousands of systems as easily as one using the system groups feature.
  • Schedule updates to occur during maintenance windows.
  • Compare package profiles between systems to quickly spot differences.
  • Replicate an existing environment to achieve a high degree of consistency throughout your IT environment.
  • Undo problematic changes with snapshots and rollbacks.

Lifecycle management

Provision, update, and configure all Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems from one console. Get fine-grained package and configuration management capabilities.

Configuration management

Improve consistency, and enable higher availability and fast problem resolution.


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