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Technically Speaking: A vested interest in 5G

Network upgrades come and go, so why is 5G a big deal? Srini Kalapala, Vice President of Technology and Supplier Strategy at Verizon, joins Red Hat CTO Chris Wright to talk about what makes 5G different from previous networks and explains the role open source has played in the development of the network and its potential for the future of the telco ecosystem.

Technically Speaking: Edge IT: A space odyssey

How do you manage IT Ops at the edge? Open the pod bay doors, Chris. Stefanie Chiras, Senior VP and General Manager for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, drops in to chat about how edge computing is changing how businesses operate IT infrastructure and services.

Technically Speaking: Edge computing covered and diced

What is edge computing, and what does it mean for data workloads, latency, and our precious, precious bandwidth? Red Hat CTO Chris Wright reboots Technically Speaking in this first episode where we explore edge computing.