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The path to cloud-native applications

8 steps to guide your cloud-native journey

With software increasingly key to how users engage with businesses and how businesses innovate to stay competitive, the speed of app development and delivery is the new digital business imperative.

To meet this imperative, organizations must take a cloud-native approach to app development for increased speed, added flexibility, improved quality, and reduced risk. But most organizations don’t have the luxury of completely rebuilding their IT foundation or seamlessly implementing new work methodologies. That’s why the path to cloud-native development is a journey, one that requires gradual yet fundamental shifts in culture, processes, and technology.

In this Red Hat® e-book, "The path to cloud-native applications," you’ll learn about the transformative benefits of cloud-native app development—and discover the 8 steps that will guide you to cloud-native success. Learn how to:

  • Adopt the technologies and collaborative processes necessary to fully embrace DevOps.
  • Speed up your existing apps through an optimized monolith.
  • Provide self-service, on-demand infrastructure.
  • Automate IT for accelerated app delivery.
  • Implement continuous delivery and advanced deployment techniques.
  • Evolve to a more modular architecture.
  • Support your cloud-native journey with Red Hat OpenShift® Container Platform.

Download the e-book now, and learn the 8 critical steps of a successful cloud-native journey.