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London-based Red Hat OpenShift, Containers and Kubernetes meetup group (RHOCK). Whether you're taking your first steps with OpenShift, or want to dive in on OpenShift's ecosystem of cloud-native covering all OpenShift and upstream technologies.


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Use network automation to manage your multivendor networks

Networks are growing in scope, complexity, and importance, you need a way to improve speed, efficiency, accuracy and compliance across your network - all the way to the edge. Automation helps you meet these goals and unburdens you from repeated tasks that take time away from other priority network innovation needs.


Empowering Innovation: Unveiling the Future with Fully Managed OpenShift-as-a-Service

Join us for an exciting webinar introducing ‘Fully Managed OpenShift-as-a-Service’, a ground-breaking new service in cloud computing.


Ansible Community to Enterprise Webinar

Seeking to operationalize your automation efforts into an enterprise-wide strategy? Find out why many organizations are choosing a paid subscription to Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to keep pace with strategy and goals.



Cybersecurity in Critical National Infrastructure Webinar 2

In webinar #2 we talk about the importance of detecting vulnerability early and remediating immediately or as quickly as possible, and the importance of identifying where the impact of security issues can be mitigated through building automated remediation of all areas of your IT systems.


Data Science for Higher Education Webinar

This webinar covers the history of data science and provides an introduction to Red Hat OpenShift AI including the specific capabilities it provides organisations within the higher education and research industry. 


Cybersecurity in Critical National Infrastructure - Webinar 3

In webinar #3 we walk through of a pipeline process, to show how DevSecOps practices can improve software development and deployment, showcase a comprehensive DevSecOps workflow with a GitOps as well as and Red Hat solutions.


Demystifying Containerization: Managed v DIY

On-premise, across multiple clouds, and at the edge, Red Hat OpenShift cloud services' consistent experience allows developers to maintain their productivity levels without interruption. During this webinar, we will show how your organization can reduce and manage the complexities of building, deploying, running and managing applications.


Cybersecurity in Critical National Infrastructure Webinar 1

In webinar #1: Introduction to CNI; recent CNI-related cybersecurity events; cybersecurity challenges relating to CNI organisations and simple engineering processes to help reduce risk. 3 part Red Hat CNI cybersecurity webinar series.

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