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What is Red Hat OpenShift on IBM IT infrastructure?

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IBM IT infrastructure with Red Hat® OpenShift® empowers enterprises to innovate at scale, accelerate developer velocity, and meet tough security and governance requirements. Performance of solutions that integrate cloud-native applications with traditional workloads can be improved through co-location of Red Hat OpenShift with business-critical data on the same hardware.

IT operations teams need the flexibility and agility to deploy applications across clouds, both public and on-premises. Red Hat OpenShift enables new cloud-native applications to be developed and existing applications to be modernized. IBM® Cloud Paks are containerized, enterprise-ready software solutions that run on Red Hat OpenShift clusters. With Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks available across IBM Z, LinuxONE, Power and IBM Storage, businesses can now choose where best to deploy applications in the hybrid cloud.

IBM Z and LinuxONE are built to handle mission-critical workloads while delivering security, reliability and scalability. With Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks available on IBM Z and LinuxONE, businesses can consistently develop, deploy and orchestrate cloud-native applications on traditional IT infrastructure as well as in private and public clouds. Hardware cryptographic support and key protection enables encryption everywhere for confidential computing. IBM Z and LinuxONE are designed to be 99.999% available through built-in cyber resilience and redundant components. The flexible compute platform enables businesses of all sizes to scale vertically and horizontally with IBM Z and LinuxONE.

IBM Power Systems is an enterprise compute infrastructure which securely and efficiently scales data intensive applications in a hybrid cloud. Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks on Power bring the consistency developers need to build and deploy cloud-native applications across the hybrid cloud. Power Systems provides a ‘pay-per-use’ consumption model in both on-premises and off-premises environments and enables applications to scale up and down based on demand. With built-in virtualization, users can dynamically add or remove memory and CPUs allocated to worker node VMs. It also enables low-latency connection between apps and data by co-locating cloud-native apps with existing VM-based apps running on AIX, IBM or Linux environments.

Read the IDC report

Read the IDC whitepaper about using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenShift, and Ansible on IBM Z and LinuxONE.

IBM Storage brings enterprise data services and containerized storage solutions that provide the foundation and orchestration necessary to build a robust hybrid cloud environment. With block, file and object choices supported by Power Systems, Z and x86, IBM Storage delivers the flexibility to build private cloud platforms with native high-performance access and public cloud integration. Additionally, IBM Storage provides enhanced security with multi-site data protection, which includes locking data and protection against malware and ransomware. Through integration with Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes and IBM Cloud Pak solutions, IBM enables faster and more reliable deployments.

As we embark on a journey to modernize our infrastructure with containerized applications and Red Hat OpenShift, we needed an infrastructure that could support our application modernization in a safe and secure way. We chose IBM Cloud Object Storage because of the built-in security and stability with high availability it will provide our containerized applications. The system is simple to manage and maintains the data in our control.

Christoph Buchstätter

ICS Computing & Platform Services, Porsche Informatik



什么是红帽 OpenShift Operator?

红帽 OpenShift Operator 自动执行 Kubernetes 原生应用实例的创建、配置和管理。


为什么选择红帽 OpenShift Serverless?

红帽 OpenShift Serverless 可扩展 Kubernetes,以部署和管理无服务器工作负载。


为什么选择红帽 OpenShift 服务网格?

使用红帽 OpenShift 服务网格,您能够以统一的方式连接、管理和查看基于微服务的应用。

详细了解 OpenShift


Red Hat OpenShift

企业就绪型 Kubernetes 容器平台,可实现全堆栈自动化运维,从而轻松管理混合云、多云和边缘部署。

Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation


Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security Kubernetes

企业就绪型 Kubernetes 原生容器安全防护解决方案,让您能够更安全地构建、部署和运行云原生应用。

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management Kubernetes

一个具有内置安全策略、用于控制 Kubernetes 集群和应用的控制台。



红帽 OpenShift 的业务价值


红帽被 Forrester 评为多云容器开发平台领导品牌


托管 Kubernetes 平台可以加快数字化转型




成功混合云策略的 7 大特征











容器、Kubernetes 和红帽 OpenShift 技术概述

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